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Learn How to Do Theatrical Makeup

The world of makeup artistry is more than knowing how to do special event makeup for weddings and parties, it’s also about makeup for TV, film, and the theatre. Doing makeup for the theatre is going to be one of your best chances for creativity. But you don’t want to limit yourself to only one field when you’re taking a makeup artistry program, so theatrical makeup courses are only one part of our diploma program.

Find Your Niche

Most likely you were attracted to the Pro Makeup Center program because you wanted to learn how to do women’s makeup for weddings and special events. But makeup is more than that. Makeup also needs to be done for film and TV actors, and also for theatrical stage actors too.

When you take a full makeup artistry program, you’ll have the chance to learn about how to do makeup for a wide range of purposes. This is why our program gives you the chance to try a variety of different techniques and purposes. You may discover you prefer doing wedding makeup, or perhaps your niche will be in the theatre, but it all begins by taking our theatre makeup courses Malaysia program.


Learn Hair Styling

In many industries you’ll be required to not only do makeup, but hair styling as well. Often if you’re one of the candidates for an exciting new job your chances will be greatly increased if you have work in your portfolio that includes hair and makeup. The Pro Makeup Center program will teach you how to do both hair and makeup, which are both great skills to have if you decide to pursue a career in theatre.


Practice What You Learn

Many makeup artistry programs only demonstrate the skills you need, but at Pro Makeup Center you actually get to practice the makeup techniques you have learned. This also provides you with the experience, and will make you well-sought after and in-demand in your chosen field.


Learn Full-Time or Part-Time

Your courses will be part of the program of 100 makeup lessons, and 80 hair styling lessons. Normally the program lasts for nine months, but if you have other obligations, you can take the course for twelve months on a part-time basis.


Earn a UK Diploma in Advanced Makeup and Hair Styling

Theatrical makeups courses are a part of the UK Diploma in Advanced Makeup and Hair Styling. You’ll be learning about every aspect of the makeup industry, as well as how to style your clients’ hair. With your diploma you’ll be able to work anywhere in Malaysia, or the UK, as your diploma will be recognized in these two countries. This will greatly expand your career options. You could have a job in TV, film, or theatre, or even start your own business.

Upon successful completion of all the courses, you will earn a diploma. Your diploma will be certified by I Style Academy and West College Scotland.

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