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Hire a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist in Malaysia

Are you preparing for your wedding in Malaysia? You may be interested in hiring a professional wedding makeup artist who will make you look beautiful for your wedding day.

There are many items to cross off your list before wedding day. It’s important to know that the great care you took in choosing the perfect fabric and embellishments of your wedding attire will also be done for your makeup colours, hairstyle, and nails.

Entrust Your Special Day to the Makeup Professionals

You’re going to be too busy worrying about the details of your wedding day to calm down enough to do your own makeup. Most brides will be nervous and have shaky hands. Let one of our professional makeup artists seat you on a stool, so you can ponder the great day ahead. No work is required, you only have to sit there while they transform your face into a work of art.

A makeup artist will work with your favourite colours to create a stunning look. You’ll be surprised when you look in the mirror!

Add a Touch of Colour

Many brides have a special wedding theme or wedding colours. Often these colours are used in everything from the groom’s outfit, to the flowers, decorations, and bridesmaids’ dresses.

If you’re using pink, red, or violet in your wedding bouquet, or in ribbons, you can have your lips or eyes painted in matching colours. But don’t attempt to do this yourself. Your makeup artist understands how to flawlessly blend a bit of colour on your face, so it never looks just slapped on.


Makeup for the Bridal Party

Do you want your photographs and videos of your special wedding ceremony and reception to be perfect? But perhaps you’re thinking of your dear sisters who don’t ever wear makeup. Do you want them to attempt their own makeup when you can have your makeup artist also do their makeup? Makeup services can be coordinated for your entire bridal party: grandmothers, mothers, sisters, cousins, or special friends.

Basically any of the ladies who will be appearing in your wedding photos can also have their makeup done professionally. This will be one less item for you to worry about.


How to Choose the Best Colours for My Wedding Gown?

If you’re uncertain about the perfect colours, simply send us a photo of your wedding gown or wedding outfit, and we can prepare in advance. Our makeup professionals know exactly what is best, whether your wedding gown is white, red, or if you’re wearing a traditional Malay outfit.

There’s no need to stress, as you’re hiring our expertise. Please feel free to ask us any questions. Do you have concerns about long-lasting makeup, or what kind of makeup to purchase for your honeymoon? Perhaps you have some skin sensitivities you are concerned about?

Please contact us through our online form, or give us a call. We are looking forward to providing professional makeup application services for your special wedding day. Pls check out our special packages for Wedding!

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