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Makeup Services For Malay

Looking for a Malay makeup artist? Malay women in Malaysia have many reasons to celebrate. Each month there are plenty of exciting activities and events to enjoy. These are special days and nights where you must look your best. You’ll want to set up a budget for your hair, outfit, and your makeup.

Many women don’t wear makeup on a daily basis so they don’t know where to start. The stores are full of cosmetics, yet you may have no idea on how to do the best makeup application techniques.

Don’t try to save money and do your own makeup application. It’s more difficult than it appears. Plus, you have so many things to do on your special day that you’ll want to cross one item off your list.

Hire a Professional Makeup Service

We are professional makeup artists who are experienced in doing makeup for Malay weddings, events, parties, and dinners in Malaysia. We can do your special event makeup that will have you looking your best for photographs.

Many friends also choose to have their hair and makeup done together, rather than trying to do one or both themselves. This ensures that hair and makeup both work together. This is also why we ask that your hair and face are washed prior to your makeup services appointment.

Why You Should Hire Us

When your hair and makeup look perfect you’ll also look perfect for photography on your special day. The photographer will also be pleased, as they appreciate when a lady’s makeup has been done perfectly. This helps them to focus on other aspects of photography, rather than trying to solve the problem of how to fix a woman’s face when her makeup has not been done well.

Our makeup artists use a professional makeup line. We don’t use department store makeup, or no-name brand makeup. You’ll be assured that we are using quality makeup on your face that will also work perfectly for sensitive skin. Our makeup is also designed to last through lengthier events, such as weddings or festivals, so you look your best for the entire day.

Look Your Best on Your Special Day

After you undergo your special makeup services, everyone will compliment you on how beautiful you look for your special day. And once you receive your photographs back, you’ll see how great you looked. And often it’s more than photographs too. There may be special videos of the event that you’ll enjoy watching over and over again.


Book Your Malay Makeup Services Today

Since there is a lot of festival and events throughout the year, you’ll want to book your makeup services today. You may wish to pre book so that you can ensure that you have the makeup services that you need for your special event.

Please fill out the online form to make your enquiries today. Once you can cross one more item off your to-do list you’ll be one step closer to your special event where you’ll get to shine like a star. You can check our attractive makeup packages here.

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