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Makeup Artist Packages

Makeup not only enhances you looks but also protects the skin from the damaging effect of environmental elements. On a casual day when you are not looking to attract attention with your appearance, you just need makeup to maintain your casual look. On special days however, though you do not have to go overboard with your makeup, neural makeup will polish up your entre face. The difference between neutral and casual is confusing for a lot of people especially because they two words appear to have similar meaning. Professional makeup artist package treat these two types of looks differently and so should you. Here is how to differentiate them

Natural or casual makeup is worn when you still want to show off the skin. Natural makeup makes the wearer to appear fresh, dewy and casual just like they would do if they did not have any makeup on. With this kind of makeup approach, less makeup is used. A simple tip to use to achieve the natural look is; even when you use foundation leave the freckles and other skin blemishes showing

Neutral makeup, mostly worn for business meetings, job interviews and political forums, is meant to achieve a polished look suitable for a day event. Most makeup kits on the market today are divided into neutral and dramatic shades. Stick to the neutral side if going for a day event or the more colorful side for night events when you want all the attention to be on you. The greatest indicator that you are wearing neutral makeup is that your face will be entirely covered with a layer of foundation or concealer.

Makeup artist packages include touch ups for the eyes and lips as well and it is important to understand the amount and shade to use in each case. While there is use of full eye makeup when doing a neutral look, a natural look only calls for a light shade of eye shadow and mascara. The lips are done in clear lip gloss as opposed to nude colored lipstick in the case of a neutral look.

If you are not sure about what kind of makeup to use for every occasion, order one of the customized makeup artist packages to get an idea of what you should be doing. Most people will look attractive with makeup done using a neutral palette but the most important aspect of the process is in selecting which shades of a particular color match the skin tone.

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