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Makeup Artist Agency

The aim of the agency is to create the possibility of a foot hold within the industry through contacts. Pro Makeup Center operates an agency solely for our students and trained make-up artists. They will be held on our books for as long as they wish, as we are regularly called upon to provide hair and make-up artists with various levels of experience. Our make-up artists, designers, assistants and trainees are available to work at very competitive rates.

To date our Pro Makeup Center agency has supplied make-up assistants through to designers on a variety of feature films, television programmes, commercials, fashion shoots, west end theatre and private clients. Past students have acted as ambassadors for our company and have carved solid careers for themselves in many different forms of media from, television, film, theatre to popular fashion publications.


Once you graduate from a course with us, you will find short placements to consolidate your skills and get hands-on work in real industry roles.

TV, film and theatre students

Our opportunities for TV, film and theatre students range from short placements shadowing an artist on a feature film or television production, to working on make-up design and styling as the sole make-up artist on a short film. Work experience for students is often available during the course itself, and these opportunities continue through the agency once the course has ended.

Fashion and beauty students

Our fashion and beauty students have the opportunity to take part in a number of fashion shows throughout the year, including the high profile Top Model UK event. As well as fashion shows, we also offer placements on pop promos, photographic shoots, charity events, films and commercials.


Our services cover the breadth of the industry: from TV and media make-up artists, to period wig and hair artists, to highly motivated and creative prosthetic and airbrushing artists.

Booking a make-up artist

Have an upcoming job? Let us know which make-up and hair skills you require and we will happily send you a selection of CVs to give you a taste of our artists’ capabilities.

You can book our make-up and hair artists for publications, events, films and other productions. If you need an artist with a particular skill then we handpick the best artist for the job, looking at their previous training and experience to make sure you have the right artist to match your requirements.

Joining the agency

We can only recommend artists that we know and can vouch for; and as we have trained all of the artists on our books ourselves, we have excellent knowledge of their strengths and skills. Whilst we cannot guarantee work through our agency, our incredible production links and our network of tutors who all actively work in the industry mean there are always many opportunities for make-up artists to work on exciting projects in TV, film, fashion and theatre.


We are a Pro Makeup Center based creative agency representing some of the most talented photographers,make up, hair stylists  and stylists in the industry. Unlike many other agencies we represent artists across many different skills including Fashion, Beauty, Kids, Interiors, Food, Art, Portraits, Still life and Film so we can offer an inclusive service. We are frequently called upon to produce shoots for both our own photographers and other clients, and are able to pull together cost effective and  talented teams. Just contact us or send your enquiries to us via the contact form available on the page. We will reply you as soon as possible. For more info, please visit

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