Be a Certified Professional Makeup Artist

Are you looking for a government certified Makeup Academy with experienced teacher who can nurture you to be the sought-after professional makeup artist? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Your future starts here, from beginner to professional.

What is SKM Certificate?

The Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) is a formal nationally recognised certificate issued by the Government to individuals who have shown capabilities that are required and been equipped with specific competencies to perform tasks and functions for gainful employment in selected fields.

The SKM program in i Style Academy is recognised by Ministry of Human Resource (MOHR) and is accredited by Department of Skills Development (JPK- Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran).

Why We Need SKM Certification?

The benefit of Study Government SKM certificate.

SKM certificate recognised by the government and industry in Malaysia.

Provides an attractive career path and personal growth opportunity for trainees and is comparable to a career choice based on academic qualifications. Able to produce skilled workers who are trained and qualified to improve the competitiveness of local industries in the world market.

The career path and personal growth in the future: 

  1. You can be accredited teacher
  2. Start your own boss
  3. You can operate a licenced salon
  4. You can be the industry Examiner
  5. You can be the industry Jury
  6. You can join any fields of film, TV, theatre, stage, bridal, fashion and many more benefit 🥰🥰

We will teach you how to achieve step by step and how to be the sought after professional makeup artist.

Why Study @ I Style Academy?

– Certified: Be a Certified professional makeup artist

– Continuous: Stays connected for new learning

– Career Advancement: Career growth & Job opportunities

– 100% Government Education Loan PTPK*

– Government PTPK Monthly Living Allowance Available*

We’re proud to be the premier local Makeup Academy, and student’s satisfaction is our number one priority. Contact us now and find out more.

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