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Korean Bridal Makeup Malaysia


modern korean bridal makeup

Many Malaysians nowadays choose Korean bridal makeup Malaysia as their wedding style. Bridal makeup is a very important part of the wedding day. Makeup is just as important as the dress. You want to look glamorous and like a princess on your wedding day. Bridal makeup is often done with colorful eyeliner and mascara. You can choose to use bright colors for the wedding makeup like blue, red, and green. Bridal makeup can also be done with neutral colors like pink, beige, and brown. The Malaysia makeup artist will do everything to make you look more beautiful and glamorous.

Professional Korean Bridal Makeup Malaysia

Modern Korean bridal makeup is not any different from regular makeup. It’s just that this makeup is more natural and suitable for bridal makeup. What you have to do is just have a flawless and natural makeup. Korean bridal makeup is a very special look, which can’t be achieved by using standard western makeup. The common colors are ivory, pink, cream and brown. If you are a bride-to-be, you may have already heard about the Korean tradition of wearing a BB cream-like makeup on your wedding day. Why are Korean brides known for their glowy, makeup-free skin?  It’s all about the wedding makeup trend that’s all the rage in Korea right now.  While brides in the US have traditionally worn heavy makeup on their wedding days, Korean brides have been going with a more natural, light look for years.  The trend took off after Korean actress of the television drama, Descendants of the Sun, Song Hye-kyo successfully transformed from her usual fair complexion to a glowing, pink-cheeked, fair-skinned makeup-free face on her wedding day.

What Is a Modern Korean Bridal Makeup in Malaysia?

There is not much difference between modern Korean bridal makeup and regular makeup. The only difference between Korean bridal makeup and regular makeup is that Korean bridal makeup is more natural and elegant. Most Korean girls prefer the “no-makeup” look and opt for a more natural bride. The modern Korean bridal makeup is all about a natural look. Korean brides are known for wearing minimal makeup, but still looking beautiful.  Most brides in Korea prefer to wear powdered foundation, and if you prefer more color, than a tinted moisturizer is also a good choice.  Korean brides often wear a red lip, but if you choose to wear a bright color, than stick to something more subtle like a berry or pink tone. Remember, the goal is to look natural.  No one wants to look at someone who looks like a clown on their wedding day, so keep it light.

We do both modern and traditional Korean bridal makeup. For most, the day they get married is one of the most important days of their lives. It’s a day you want to remember forever, and you want to look your absolute best.

Traditional Korean Bridal Makeup Malaysia

Korean traditional makeup, is famous for its elaborate, intricate designs, and is the perfect choice for the bride who wants to look like a princess on her special day. We use an advanced technique of makeup, which is unique to the traditional Korean makeup. We have a few professional makeup artists who specialize in makeup for traditional or non-western bridal occasions.

Korean Bridal Makeup Malaysia By Pro Makeup Center

You can have a consultation before the makeup session. We can make the Korean bridal makeup for you just like the models in the magazines. Bridal makeup can be time consuming, so we will help you with that. No worries. If you are not sure about how you would like your makeup look on your special day, you can always ask one of our makeup artists for advice. We will give you a makeup trial so you can see the results in advance. We will also take your photos on your special day so you can see how the makeup looks in the photos. Our makeup artists are top-certified. Our makeup artists do makeup for photo shoots. We also do makeup for brides and bridal parties.


Weddings often bring out the best of us. Whether you’re the one getting married or just a guest, there’s something about that big day that makes all of us feel extra special. (And if you’re the bride, well, you’re just feeling extra.) But aside from choosing the perfect dress and picking out the right hair and makeup, there’s another big decision to make: Korean bridal makeup. Our Korean bridal makeup prices are extremely attractive. We, at Pro Makeup Center, have an excellent reputation for Korean wedding makeup. We are constantly expanding our service portfolio and adding new services to meet the needs of our clients. Contact us at +60193599420 for your Korean bridal makeup services. We will be happy to assist you.