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International Makeup Artist

Pro Makeup Center personalized makeup sessions, a unique teaching concept that offers to educate you on application techniques and how to achieve specific looks like international makeup artist. At Pro Makeup Center, you will be taught how to do their own makeup like a Pro. Our courses offer a series of interactive, personalized makeup lessons to educate you on proper application techniques so that they can re-create their favorite makeup look and routine at home, office, etc. Taught by trained makeup artists, you can choose from focused lessons highlighting one particular feature (complexion correction, eye makeup, bridal makeup…) , or build a custom lesson by selecting the complexion, eye and lip service of their choice. For more info, please visit

To gain an International Makeup Artist qualification, we must competent in all the practical skills within a make-up studio at basic level by completing various ranges from beginner to advance techniques. These ranges and variations cover different skin tones, skin conditions, contexts such as day, evening and bridal looks. Techniques such as colour corrections, concealing, bronzing, highlighting and shading. They also have to show competence in applying false lashes both strip and individual. Pro Makeup Center offers you the best and most comprehensive makeup courses, makeup artistry training and media make-up courses. Our mission is to offer you the best and most comprehensive make-up training in the country, from some of the industry’s wealth of up-to-date talented professional make-up artists.

Pro Makeup Center  offers the highest standard of short intensive make-up courses, ranging from Foundation level to media make-up through to fashion, photographic, editorial and catwalk make-up all taught by international make-up artists and industry experts. Enabling students to study their make-up skills in a flexible way that suits their needs. Pro Makeup Center offers a completely new way of training. Courses are designed to be ‘hands on’ and less theoretical, meaning you will gain as much experience as possible during your course.

Many years of experience in high-level training, allow us to say that we are the only center in this country that has developed a proprietary method for imparting different professional makeup and image consulting courses with well experienced and proven methodology throughout our years of business success. The fact that the failure rate is zero, demonstrates the success of our teaching method. We guide and support before, during and after training.

Essential Information

A career as a international makeup artist may be ideal for an artistic individual who wants to do special effects and prosthetics for film, theater, or television, or improve someone’s appearance. Most makeup artists complete a cosmetology or related program, where they can obtain the skills they’ll need. Some work for big production companies, while many work freelance. Makeup artists may work in a variety of entertainment or personal beauty service careers. Those seeking formal training in the application of makeup and related cosmetics typically enroll in a cosmetology program. Theater degree programs are another option for aspiring makeup artists, since they typically include stage makeup courses. For more info, please visit

Makeup artists analyze the skin to figure what type it is and to study the face’s natural curves and shape. They prep the skin for makeup application by cleansing and moisturizing to prevent any adverse reactions. Using various cosmetic substances like powders, creams, gloss and lipstick, makeup artists create the client’s preferred results. For clients who are actors, makeup artists use make up to transform them into a different character. Makeup is used to age someone, make them a different race, create mock-up wounds and create other special effects. Wigs, false eyelashes and prosthetics are also used by makeup artists. Theatrical makeup artists sometimes research time periods and settings, read scripts, and consult with directors to ensure the makeup is appropriate for the character. Just contact us or send your enquiries to us via the contact form available on the page. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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