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At the sight of a beautifully made up face, everyone’s reflex is to turn and soak in the beauty. Every woman, though not everyone wants to attract as much attention, wants to look pretty on the outside. If you have never worn makeup your entire life, starting might be a hard task to accomplish but it just takes a bit of practice and commitment to get used to it. It must be overwhelming at first because you have to consider everything that is on display in a beauty shop but there is no need to stress out on what to buy. An on-hire makeup artist will be the best person to guide you on the color pallet to buy but the following basic will work for everyone

First of all mascara is the cheapest makeup item you will find on-sale in nay beauty shop and secondly there is no specific color for every person. The role of mascara is to darken and enlarge the eyelashes making the eyes to appear wider and larger. For many people, a woman will large eyes is considered pretty and mascara achieves this easily.

There are many types of foundation products and the choice for what to use depends on how experienced you are and the skin type. There is no need to go full-fledged on foundation if you are just starting out; a tinted moisturizer is a good starter product because it applies easily and looks natural on the skin. Contrary to what most people believe, foundation is not for the entire face; at least if you want to get a natural look. Just apply the foundation of your choice to the t zone and carry on with what is needed next.

Why would someone want to have rose-colored cheeks in the name of beauty? Blush may not seem important for a beginner but it helps to add a flash of color to the complexion. When the face is bright, one appears happier and they are surrounded by a happy glow. This might be another area where you would want to consult with an on-hire makeup artist because everyone has their own shade of blush that matches the skin’s undertone.

It’s easy when it comes to lips; the color that you are most attracted to should be your first choice. The only aspect to consider is that shade you pick aligns with the shade of your complexion. As a rule of thumb, darker shades look great on darker skin while lighter shades flatter lighter complexions.

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