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Henna Tattoo Service

The traditional form of henna art has been practiced in India, Africa and the Middle East for centuries. Today, henna tattoo services are available around the world and is widely appreciated as a safe way of enjoying this intricate temporary body tattoo art. Its popularity is also made an appearance in mainstream western pop culture and fashion – henna or Mendhi tattoos have been used on magazine covers, music album covers and singer Madonna was even spotted with one on her hand in a MTV clip. At Pro Makeup Center, we can design and paint beautiful henna tattoo designs for you.

Henna Tattoo Service

The dye used in Mendhi tattooing is made from the powder of crushed dried leaves of the henna plant mixed with liquids such as water, tea or lemon juice to create a thick liquid with the consistency of paint. The henna artist will then place this paste in a squeezable container or icing bag and use it to create freehand designs on the customer’s hands, feet or any exposed areas of skin. Traditional designs carry floral motifs that are catered to mostly female recipients, but these days, there are no rules or limits to this other than the creativity of the artist at work.

The paste will leave an initial orange coloured stain which over the next few days, will darken into a distinctly deep reddish brown through the process of oxidisation. Henna art are not real tattoos in the sense that they are not permanent like those available from tattoo parlours. The henna pigment simply stains the skin it is painted on and will last for about 2 to 3 weeks. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy and be admired for your temporary tattoo designs.

Henna Tattoo Service

In some cultures, act of henna tattooing is regarded as a form of blessing and the intricacy of the designs represent the amount of joy, beauty and luck wished upon the recipient. In Indian weddings, there is a special ceremony to adorn the bride’s hands and feet with decorative and beautiful henna floral motifs, paisley and curvy designs. Some even go as far as to include the groom’s initials in their designs for more blessings.

While traditionally used in ceremonial acts, henna art is now enjoyed by people of all ages and it is common to see henna artists offering their services at cultural events, fairs and parties. It is a fun way for kids to learn about and enjoy this ancient activity without getting a permanent tattoo. Henna art has also made its way into photography studios with expectant mothers incorporating these gorgeous designs on their bumps for their maternity photo shoots to further capture the beauty of their experience.

At Pro Makeup Center, our henna tattoo artists are experienced and confident in this beautiful art. You will have the option to provide your own designs, choose from our catalogue or leave it to our artist to come up with a creative henna design for you. Call us today to find out more about our henna tattoo service for your wedding or special event.

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