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Henna Tattoo Class: Master The Skills Of This Beautiful Body Art

Have you fallen in love with the intricate and beautiful floral designs of Mehndi tattoos? With its growing popularity, consider taking up a Henna Tattoo Class for your own creative enjoyment or master the skills of this art and you can even offer it as a service at parties and events. It is a fun and safe way to enjoy having a tattoo without the permanence and pain!

Henna or Mendhi tattooing is commonly practised in many cultural traditions in India, Middle East and Africa as a form of blessing during weddings where the bride and groom are adorned with intricate henna art as a symbol of blessings and luck for their new life together. Wedding henna designs are distinctly elaborate, incorporating specific symbols and graphics to cover large areas of hands, arms, legs and feet. This requires the skills of specially trained henna tattoo artists who can work fast while creating impressive professional looking designs.

In many parts of the world today, henna tattoos are enjoyed in more casual situations like parties, community events and even as a fashion statement. Since the pigment simply stains the skin temporarily, even kids can enjoy having a tattoo and gain an appreciation of this ancient art at the same time! Photography studios have also picked up on this trend, offering henna design services on baby bumps in their maternity photo shoot packages as a way to celebrate this special moment in the mother’s life and to wish the baby a safe journey into the world.

Henna Tattoo Workshop For Beginners

Pro Makeup Center’s Beginner Workshop is designed to provide you with the core foundation to get started in your journey with henna art for your own enjoyment. Class tutors will equip you with core skills and knowledge about the basic tools and equipment, henna powders and pastes, design principles and techniques to give you a great head start.

During the hands on class, you will:

  • be introduced to the history and traditional applications of henna art
  • learn care and safety procedures
  • be shown how to prepare the henna paste from scratch
  • explore the design principles of some popular motifs and designs
  • experiment and practice using the henna cones
  • discover tips and techniques for a professional look
  • learn how to prolong the visibility of the tattoo
  • create your own Henna tattoo, of course!

The henna cones, paste and practice sheets will be provided during this fun and interactive class.

Our Beginner Henna Tattoo Class is conducted regularly at our training center. Each class is kept small to ensure you get adequate attention from our experienced tutors and can learn in a relaxed and conducive environment. Contact us to today to find out the dates for the next workshops.

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