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Halloween Makeup: The Good, The Bad and The Scary

The time for Trick or Treating is also a time for fabulous and creative Halloween makeup artistry. While this celebration is synonymous with costumes ranging from the fun superheroes, beautiful princesses to creepy villains and skeletons scary enough to make your heart skip, it is the skillful makeup that really steals the show.

You may have decided to step out as the coolest character you could think of and hired the best costume you could find, but if you don’t get the makeup right, that would be a disaster in itself! Recreating a specific look may require a combination of custom equipment, makeup and tools and add-ons such as wigs, fangs and colored contacts to get the look just right. Using the right style of makeup and appropriate accessories will be the deciding factor in turning you into the most memorable character or the laughing stock in town.

It is always tempting to do your own makeup but if you are going for a complex look, consider hiring a professional makeup artist in Malaysia with special effects makeup skills who will be able to create the appearance you have in mind. Facial cuts, bruises, bloodshot eyes, three-eyed monsters and bleeding effects makeup are common  for tv and movie productions and can be easily applied to complete your perfect Halloween look. The use of resin, body paint and advanced makeup techniques to create realistic 3D effects will impress and even scare your harshest critics! Whether you want to be Worf of Star Trek, a member of the Suicide Squad or just a Big Friendly Giant, choosing a makeup artist with the right expertise will ensure you will leave your mark in the Halloween costumes lineup.


Tips When Hiring A Halloween Makeup Artist

Provide Reference Images

Pictures are definitely worth a thousand words when it comes to Halloween makeup. With so many characters available, it is possible that the makeup artist may not be familiar with the character you want so having images of the will give the artist a reference point and ensures the expected outcome.

Ask To View The Portfolio

It is difficult to gauge the skills of the makeup artist unless you view their portfolio. This will let you see their past work, find a similar character they have worked on and decide whether they can reproduce the style you envisioned.

Look for Artistic Skills and Patience

Unlike other general makeup, Halloween and special effects makeup requires specific skills and lots of patience particularly for elaborate characters. The makeup artist must have a keen eye for detail, sense of proportion and the commitment to do whatever it takes to accomplish your request. Artistic and creative skills will go a long way in bringing your character to life.

Special Effects Knowledge

As mentioned earlier, many special effects makeup that can be applied for Halloween makeup are commonly used in Tv and movie sets so a makeup artist with this experience will be more likely to be able to create the unique look of your character. Tell the makeup artist your ideas and ask them how they plan to meet your requests.

The team at Pro Makeup Center has extensive experience in special effects makeup and we are confident in our ability to help you make an impression with your Halloween makeup!

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