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Hair And Makeup Packages

Just like contemporary makeup which is made to accommodate different skin types and colors, henna is available in a wide range of mixtures, colors and styles. Most people who apply henna will not buy from the source, making the chances of using different shades and types really high. It might seem impossible to stick to one type but narrowing down the options really does make the process easy. Even before you go out to buy your henna, it is important to establish what color you want, the additives in it and how you will be using it. If you will be having your henna makeup done by a makeup artist, insist that they use the same brand all the time for consistent results.

While there are regions of the world like Asia and the Middle East that use henna as a form of daily body artwork, it is mostly used for special occasions. Did you know that you can apply henna not only to stain fingernails and dye the hair, but also to draw temporary tattoos?
If you would like to have henna as your main makeup item on your wedding day, it is important to first find out how it is going to impact your bridal makeup prices. Two factors will influence the price of henna; intended use and state. Use the traditional pure henna for body art and as dramatic eyeliner for a coastal goddess look. Use colored henna for colored tattoos and temporary but outstanding facial makeup.

Dyeing the hair with henna is a skill that gets perfect with time. The greatest challenge is deciding what color you would like the hair to be and then with this knowledge mix the henna. There are different ways of using one color to yield different results and this should be the focus of the process. If you want your hair to be black, color your hair with green henna followed by a layer of indigo henna. A mixture of these two colors will result in chestnut brown color.

It may help to go through the labels on the products you have before using the product. It is worth noting that some hennas are darker than others making them suitable for specific uses. Incorporate the cost shipping henna in the bridal makeup prices if you are sure of the destination they will be coming from. Experienced and skilled makeup artists should be able to help you in the sourcing, selecting and blending of colors; do not shy away from consulting.

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