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Fantasy Makeup Services

Fantasy makeup is the art of painting the face or body with beautiful colours to make someone appear to be a character they’re not. Fantasy makeup transforms the person into a new character. It can make a person appear to be an animal or creature, or fantasy person. Pro Makeup Center is an expert in fantasy makeup.

It takes a special fantasy makeup kit to do this type of makeup. Makeup is made from a safe grade of glitter for use around the eyes. Often actors and actresses need special makeup that can withstand hot stage light from the theatre. This type of makeup is oil-based.

Fantasy makeup can be done for a variety of different occasions, holidays, and events. Theatrical companies or television or film production companies also utilize fantasy makeup artists for their actors and actresses.

The Art of Fantasy Makeup?

Fantasy makeup is more than simply making a face look more beautiful. There is an art attached to it, likened to using the face as a canvas. Paint may be applied with paintbrush or airbrush. Glitter and jewels may be applied to the face.

Other materials may also be applied to the face, such latex or prosthetic pieces to change the shape of your face, ears, or nose. These are glued on with adhesives that are safe for the skin. Fantasy makeup can be as simple as leaving most of your features uncovered, or where a complete transformation is done so that you are not easily recognizable.

The most successful fantasy makeup is where there are no seams or lines, and the colours are artfully blended together. Makeup should be balanced on both sides of the face, such as in a butterfly. Perhaps the person has been transformed into an entirely new character. Makeup should never appear like it’s merely sitting upon the face or the makeup artist has failed. With a bit of talent from the new character, they will be able to act their new role.


Fantasy Makeup Services for Parties

If you’re wanting to hire a makeup artist to provide fantasy makeup services for a party, you may be interested in some ideas. Often fantasy makeup is done for children at parties, events, or festivals.

Animal face art is a popular design for the makeup artist. Children will love to be painted as dogs, cats, butterflies, and tigers. Children may also enjoy looking like a clown, elf, or princess. Super hero and Disney movies may also provide inspiration.


Fantasy Makeup Ideas

Fantasy makeup can transform you into looking like a clown, witch, alien, fairy, or other mystical character. It can also make you be a dog, cat, or butterfly. It can encompass the science-fiction world and transform you into your favourite film franchise character, such as an alien monster, or zombie.


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