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Event Makeup Artist

Looking for an event makeup artist? You need to hire an event makeup artist to enhance your beauty so that you appear beautiful in photographs in the social events that happen throughout the year. There are many opportunities to get together with friends and family as there are plenty of events, celebrations, and festivals in Malaysia. With special events comes the opportunity to be photographed. It’s often a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get photographs with beloved relatives before they head back home. Often there are people taking videos with their video cameras or smartphones too.

If you wish to look your best for a special occasion, please consider hiring an event makeup artist in Malaysia from Pro Makeup Center.

Event Makeup for Photography By Professional Event Makeup Artist

Many women attempt to do their own makeup, and spend great care on it, yet they find that the makeup almost vanishes in photographs. Even if you’ve concealed blemishes, they may still appear in photos. This is because makeup done for the specific purpose of photography is done differently than makeup you’ll wear to the office.

Event makeup is allowed to be brighter and bolder than your regular makeup, but should never be so bold as to overwhelm your face. This is why a makeup artist has taken classes, as they’ve learned how to balance makeup correctly on the face.


Proper Makeup Application By Event Makeup Artist

Your makeup artist does more than simply apply red or pink to your lips. They apply proper primer and contour, colour, and highlight your lips. They ensure that your makeup will be long-lasting, as unlikely there will be time for you to do many touch-ups through your event. They’ll also do this for your eyes, cheekbones, and face.

Your cheeks, chin and brow line can all be highlighted and contrasted to reveal your best assets. Most women don’t know much more about makeup application beyond simply applying concealer or colours.

Your makeup artist understands how to blend all your makeup together, so it becomes a natural part of you.


Event Makeup Artist Understands Makeup Colours

Just like with other artists who work with colour, such as painters, illustrators, or graphic artists, your makeup artist has a good understanding of what colours are, how they are mixed, and where they are on the colour wheel.

Even if you have your heart set on a specific colour, it may not be right for you. Perhaps you need to go to a different shade or a hue. Certain colours also work better together, while others clash with each other.

Colours are made up of hues, tints, tones, and shades. For simple understanding, a hue is just a colour, like red, pink, or orange. Tints, tones, and shades are variations of these colours. If you can remember that tints are lighter, and shades are darker, you’ll be able to easily remember the progression from a lighter tint, to a darker shade.


Event Makeup Artist Helps You To Choose The Best Colours For Your Face

Your event makeup artist will answer your questions and do their best to work with your wardrobe. They want to ensure that facial colours don’t clash with your dress or outfit. Colours should work together.

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