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Above all, Pro Makeup Center’s courses are great fun. Each course is hands-on – meaning that students learn from direct experience every time. Also, the classes are small in size (maximum of 10 per class), to give students as much time with tutors as possible. This practical approach has helped foster a great sense of community and solidarity between students and tutors, something which attracts students from all over the globe. All this serves to make Pro Makeup Center a truly exciting, vibrant, and inspiring environment within which to start your career.

Pro Makeup Center offers students the best and most comprehensive makeup courses, makeup artistry training and media make-up courses in Malaysia.  Our mission is to offer students the best and most comprehensive make-up training in the country, from some of the industry’s wealth of up-to-date talented professional make-up artists. These talented individuals are invited to hand over their knowledge – gained over years of experience in the industry – to our students.

We are not limited to any one brand, but offer students the chance to work with most of the major fashion make-up houses while on the course, helping to widen their product knowledge and experience. The course aims wherever possible to keep course prices realistic and affordable, making them good value for money. Click

If you are looking for a new career in fashion make-up artistry, look no further. The Pro Makeup Center can help assist you into the industry with our intensive make-up courses. All of our talented teaching staff are full-time working make-up artists, whose make-up artistry, knowledge, techniques and experience will be passed on to you and help you aspire to whichever level you are hoping to reach. There are many different facets when choosing to work in the make-up industry, from high fashion photographic work to studio and catwalk plus theatre and special effects.

For others it may be retailing an exciting high street fashion make-up brand. Whichever you choose it requires determination and drive as well as talent plus an eye for detail and colour. The majority of professionals working in make up artistry are self-employed and therefore depend on finding jobs through their online portfolio of work and in some cases via connections with photographers, stylists and agents. Therefore the importance of networking cannot be stressed enough; however the rewards and satisfaction in this exciting job are enormous.  There is also a large industry in consumer make up whereby using your make up artistry skills you can concentrates on the general public for special occasion, wedding or ethnic make-up.

It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge when embarking on one of Pro Makeup Center foundation courses as our team of professional working make-up artists is there to encourage and draw out any hidden talent within the student. Our courses are designed to be intensive with as much hands on experience as possible. All of our talented teaching staffs are full time celebrity working make-up artists from the industry whose make up artistry, knowledge, techniques and experience will be passed on to you and help you aspire to which ever level you are hoping to reach. The successful make up artist requires not only artistic and creative ability but also the ability to have technical expertise, sales skills and be excellent communicators and organisers. Our courses are designed to provide students with the skills and confidence to succeed as career makeup artists.

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