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Make Up Academy

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Address : 2 – 3, Jalan Puteri 4/6, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Contact : 019-3599420

Working Hour :11am -6pm ( Monday – Sunday except Wednesday )


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    Make Up Academy

    The process of beautifying human bodies using cosmetic products is known as makeup. The latest fashion trend has made vast advancements in the field of makeup. Apart from enhancing the appearance, makeup has also capability to hide the aging of people to some extent. This is the reason why middle aged men and women go in for makeup especially during special occasions. The importance of makeup in various fields and occasions has increased the need of experienced makeup artists. That is why makeup artist schools started functioning in large numbers. People with creative skill will brighten their career if they choose the right academy school.

    Once you decide that this is the career you wish to pursue, the next step is finding a reputable Makeup academy. This is where you will be trained to be a professional and join a dynamic and prestigious industry that continues to grow at an explosive rate. The work is exciting and especially rewarding in its diversity. Most Makeup academies help students land their first job in the industry, and you have lots of different options and other things to decide. Makeup School graduates have a wide range of career options to choose from. Makeup academies offer proper guidance and essential knowledge required in the application of different makeup.

    Generally the regular courses of these schools are conducted during day time. In addition, there are also evening and weekend courses in makeup. The curriculum is specially designed to offer classic courses to enable the students to perform their jobs confidently. In these academies, students are offered comprehensive hands on training programs to familiarize them with latest make up product and tools. Make Up classes are taught by professional artists and specialist to carry out the procedure. There are may reason for adopting this type of class.

    Classes are usually for those who are learning to perform the procedure. If you are a candidate for this procedure, however, you may want to talk to those these this class Attending a class as a spectator and talking with teachers of these class can help you fully understand the procedure.

    At day’s end, these classes exist simply to teach the form of tattoos do the procedure. Lasting makeup is different than a normal tattoo,going through the classes can help ensure that those offering the process of knowing exactly what they’re doing. Without classes, lasting makeup work can not be as clean as you like.

    People need makeup course to maintain, or get a hold of a job. Many places want to offer this service but do not have the personnel to do the job. Taking these class can help open the labor market for some of them helping to add a skill to their tattoos skill set.

    Our makeup academy in Malaysia offers a wide range of makeup courses and providing training in aesthetics. It provide vocational training and in the areas of image consulting in the world of beauty and makeup.