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Bridal Hair and Makeup Course

As more people realize the impact of having an excellent hairstyle, professional bridal hair and makeup course is one of the courses in demand currently. The course combines the aspects of hairdressing, styling and makeup artistry to ensure the trainee attains appropriate standards of service. Every serious contender in the industry should be able to offer quality bridal hair styling services that meet the needs of various clients. Fortunately, it will take only six months for full time students and nine months for part-time students to attain a Malaysia Diploma In Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling at i Style Academy.

Who Should Enroll In The Malaysia Diploma In Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling?

The bridal hair makeup course is suitable for the beginners as well as the experienced hairstylists who would like to advance skills or specialize in bridal hair services. Any person who is passionate about beauty, hairdressing, makeup artistry and hairstyling should undertake this training to enhance their knowledge and skills. Talented hairdressers and hair stylists who are already practicing may also consider this course as it provides practical knowledge and skills in every aspect of bridal makeup and hairstyling.

What Should The Trainee Expect To Learn After Enrolling For This Course?

i Style Academy has sufficient professional hairstylists and makeup artists to guide the trainees through the intensive course that constitutes forty makeup lessons and sixty bridal hairstyling lessons. This training will give you not only the skills but also the confidence and creativity necessary to come up with new hair styles or incorporate the modern trends to the conventional bridal hairstyles. The course covers a wide variety of techniques from simple hairstyling to the advanced ones common with high profile individuals and fashion industries. It covers the general makeup theory, color theory and bridal makeup tools theory to expose the student to the concepts behind the practice and ensure use of appropriate tools or hair products. Additionally, the experts guide on the uses of various makeups and hair products to ensure correct choice and application of these products during practice. Moreover, the course exposes the student to full range of makeup styles including bridal day makeup, male makeup, double eye-rid makeup, bridal night makeup and senior citizen makeup.

On the side of bridal hairstyling, the students learn numerous techniques ranging from braids styling, French roll styling, fake hair application, accessories application, bridal rose styling, garden hairstyling to application of bridal hair veil. In addition, the experts guide the trainees on how to build professional bridal hair service kit. The course also covers fashion trends to sensitize them to incorporate the latest advancements in bridal hair industry.

What Opportunities Are There For The Graduates Of This Course?

The professionally trained bridal makeup and hairstylists can seek employment in the top-rated beauty centers, set up beauty parlors or engage in private practice. Besides, one can further the training and become a trainer.

Why Study at i Style Academy?

This is one of the best beauty schools in Malaysia. Besides the highly competent and experienced trainers, the academy has state-of-art facilities to support the training. Moreover, the accredited bridal makeup and hair styling course follows a structured approach to meet the training standards.

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