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Body Makeup Services

Many women may be looking beyond hair and face for special body makeup services in Malaysia. Or, perhaps you are a member of a wedding party, or you’re participating in a special event of the summer. Either way, you need to hire a professional makeup artist to place your body makeup. Doing body makeup is a lot harder than doing your own facial makeup, and that’s the number one reason why you’ll want to hire someone to do it for you. At Pro Makeup Center, we provide body makeup services.

Airbrushing to Cover Scars

Most women have scars on their bodies. They get them from illness, injury or even have birthmarks from since they were born. While most women bear them proudly, being a symbol of the journey through life, they may wish to have them covered up for a special event, such as wedding, party, dinner party, or cultural festival. Airbrushing can help to hide unsightly scars and birthmarks on the face, legs, or arms.


Airbrushing to Cover Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming common for people all over the world, yet women may be embarrassed that their family can see them, particularly if they are going to a wedding. Plus, they can mar the appearance of your beautiful wedding gown. The simple solution to this problem is to cover them up with airbrushing.

Airbrushing will cover up your tattoos so people can’t see them. This means that you can go ahead and wear that sleeveless or strapless gown. Airbrushing is a fast and simple solution to hiding your tattoos. It’s also simple to do. All you have to do is wash, shave, and exfoliate the regions of your body that you wish to be airbrushed. This will give you better results.

An airbrushed tan will last for three to seven days, depending on how often you wash. You can also hire professional airbrush services for any event or occasion where you are wearing a strapless or sleeveless gown where you don’t want to show off your tattoos.


Body as Canvas Makeup Artistry

Using the body as a canvas is taking notice in Malaysia. This is when makeup is applied to not just the face, but to other parts of the body, but is in bright and colourful patterns, graphics, and paintings. Many people choose to have their faces painted, or to have their bodies painted for special occasions or festivals. Cosplay is also popular, where your costume includes painting your face to match the character that you portray.

Many women also have their baby bumps painted and photographed, as a keepsake for their pregnancy journey. There may also be many more reasons why you wish to have body makeup done.

Body painting is the perfect solution to when you want to express yourself, but you don’t want to do so with a permanent tattoo.

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It’s important to book now to avoid disappointment for any special weddings or celebrations coming up. You may inquire about reserving your spot for festivals or other cultural celebrations next year. Make arrangements today and you’ll be able to cross one more item off your event planning list.

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