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Makeup is a form of art that most women enjoy. They can enhance their beauty using the right products to apply on their faces. One of the first things a woman needs is the foundation. So what is the purpose of foundation makeup? Why does it have to be one of the first items to know about makeup? Well, you might have a lot of questions on your mind. This article will explain to you every detail you need to know about this particular product. You’ll just find yourself buying online or shopping for a bottle of foundation. Pro Makeup Center offers professional makeup artist in Malaysia to do the makeup services for you. Read more about airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup.

Definition of Foundation Makeup

Foundation can be liquid or powder which is a form of makeup. It is used all over your face sometimes including the neck to create a base before applying any other makeup products. This makeup acts as the first or base layer which can help cover acne and lessen imperfections. This also aims to make an even color to your natural skin tone. Some foundations also work as sunscreen, moisturizer or astringent. In addition, read more here about 7 beauty and makeup tips every woman should know.

Our professional makeup artist in Malaysia from Pro Makeup Center is going to share with you expert knowledge on foundation makeup. To apply foundation, dab on your face including chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead then blend it with soft strokes using fingers, brush or sponge. Our makeup artists have vast knowledge on cosmetics and makeup skills. That is why you should consider hiring a makeup artist for events. Here are 12 reasons you need to hire a makeup artist for your wedding. 

5 Types of Foundation

Foundation comes in different types like powder, liquid and cream. Your foundation formula will depend on your skin type. We define the types of foundation for you to understand the purposes of each formulation.


Cream Foundation

Cream foundation is the best for women with dry skin. This is the best for people who want medium-to full coverage. This might get you prone to creasing so make sure to apply enough and blend it right to see the glamorous finish.


Liquid Foundation

This formulation often works on any type of skin. If your purpose is to conceal acne, freckles or under-eye circles, choose full-coverage formulas. But if you only want to even out your skin tone, light-coverage would be enough for you. Choosing the right amount of foundation will help you achieve a dazzling makeup look.

To apply liquid foundation, you can use a sponge, brush or even your hands. Sponge can give a natural finish. Using a brush usually produces more coverage if you blend precisely. While using your hands can also offer flawless and natural effects. 


Powder Foundation

This type of foundation is the best for people with younger skin, oily skin, sensitive skin or for someone who likes easy and fast application. 

Unlike liquid foundation, powder isn’t just for any type of skin. This is not recommended for those with dry skin. It is commonly known for being harder to apply smoothly as it becomes patchy. If you want a glowing finish with having dry skin, you better try liquid foundation to achieve the look you desire.



This is for any type of skin too. This can make your skin hydrated and oil-free. Definitely right for you if you want lightweight coverage.



This is commonly designed for people who want a younger skin. This formula has anti-aging benefits, offers moisturizing properties or even SPF protection. Therefore, if you are the kind of person who’s always running errands or having a very busy social life, this multi-purpose product is right for you.

5 Types of Foundation Finishes

There are many options on finding the right foundation finish for you. It’s essential to find a foundation formula that fits for your skin type to get the best result. To pick up the right finish for you, you need to consider a few things like finding the right coverage for you. If you already have a clear skin, a dewy or sheer finish may be perfect. But having an acne-prone skin, you should consider a matte finish which will suit you better.

It’s important too for you to know your skin’s texture. If you don’t like shiny-looking skin, dewy or sheer finish might not be right for you. Or if you don’t want your skin to look almost without a glow, matte finish isn’t for you. And lastly, remember about longevity too. Sheer finish can’t last longer than matte. So, if you’re a busy person who lacks time to retouch, matte or satin will be a good foundation finish for you.

If you’re still confused about the look you want to achieve based on your skin type, you might want to know the types of foundation finishes. The following might help you a lot:


Satin Finish

The goal of this foundation finish is to copy the skin’s natural glow. Not too dewy nor too matte. Not flat nor wet. It’s ideal for everyday wear.


Matte Finish

This is best for those with oily skin. Matte can be defined as lack of shine. This tends to control the oil on your face better than any other types. 


Dewy Finish

This look will definitely be liked by those with dry skin. If you want a dewy or glossy finish, this is perfect for you as it makes the skin glowing. Ideal for dehydrated sky. If you would have noticed, most Korean stars use this type of foundation. This will help you look younger than your age.


This is a more natural version of a matte finish. This works well for people with combination skin types as it gives good oil control without highlighting any dryness.



Sheer finish foundation enhances your skin while looking natural. This makes you feel super lightweight yet glowing.

It might be hard to choose the right foundation for you. Just always remember to buy a product based on your skin routine, especially your skin type. Finding the wrong foundation might just cause acne or make your skin more sensitive. Choose the best for yourself. We all know that wearing makeup makes us more confident and attractive. 



Foundations can help remove blemishes and hide imperfections. Your number one reason for wearing makeup shouldn’t because you want to impress everybody but to enhance your natural beauty. And if you’re looking for someone who can achieve your desired look, Pro Makeup Center offers professional makeup services. Our makeup artists are professionally trained and have many years of experience in the makeup industry. Contact us Hurry and call us now!