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Top 5 makeup tips to look photogenic all day on your wedding. What does a bride want? To look her best on her wedding day. Every fine detail is carefully planned. Apart from getting the best photographer, show-stopping dress; makeup is important as your face will be the center of attention on your wedding day. Here are the top 5 makeup tips to look photogenic all day on your wedding. Pro Makeup Center has professional makeup artists who can do great makeup to make you look fabulous in photos.

Q Tips

These come in handy cause you never know when you will need them. Accidentally smudge your eyeliner? Mascara streaks? Fix makeup boo-boos with a Q tip. It’s convenient to carry around and slim enough to correct minor makeup accidents that require precision. A few careful swabs help remove smudges and discoloration.

Choosing The Right Makeup Products

Makeup products contain a wide array of ingredients. Make sure to check the ingredients listed on the makeup packaging before applying them to your face. Silica or Zinc Oxide contained in makeup products and skincare is known to cause camera flashback. What this does is it leaves a white cast on your face due to its light-reflecting properties. It shows up even more obvious at night when the photographer shoots night portraits and videos with camera flashes. Avoid Silica or Zinc Oxide products to get your best wedding day photos. Also, stay away from makeup with built-in sunscreen as it will make your photos mask-like. Choose a foundation shade that matches both your face and neck. Read more about the purpose of foundation makeup here. If your neck is darker than your face, choose the foundation shade that closely matches the darker tone of your skin. Choosing the foundation that only matches your face might not be very obvious up close, but it can show up differently in your photos, most noticeably night scenes taken with a flash. Besides choosing the right makeup products, hiring the right makeup artist is also important. Here are some tips on how to hire the right makeup artist. These are the questions you need to ask a wedding makeup artist before hiring him/her.   

Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipstick has become a trend these days and for good reasons. It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use; making matte lipstick an excellent choice for your wedding day. How is matte lipstick your secret to looking photogenic? Matte lipstick formulas help create a classy bold statement. It is also long-lasting and has a staying power. This means you don’t have to reapply your lipstick throughout your big day, saving you time for more photo-taking sessions. It also doesn’t show up in photos as shiny patches, giving the bride’s lips a natural finish without compromising on style and elegance. Matte lipsticks are not confined to neutral tone boring shades anymore. With matte lipsticks gaining popularity, they can be found in almost any shades- vibrant, romantic, sexy bold red, neutral, shocking, and natural. Pick up a matte lipstick and you will not regret it.

Highlight Your Features

Don’t forget to highlight your best features to truly stand out in photos. Using a highlighter in a natural shade helps add dimension to the face. It also helps to downplay features you want to hide. Highlighters give you a radiant finish both in photos and in person; giving you a glowing appearance.

Enticing eyes

Dotting a shimmery highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes next to the tear ducts helps open up the eye area and brightens the eyes instantly.

Sharper nose

Contour your nose to make it look sharp and slim by drawing a line down the bridge of the nose and then use a brush to lightly blend it to make it look more natural.

Narrowing a big forehead

Contouring your forehead by tracing the natural curve of your hairline and blend well, helps to create a visually smaller forehead.

High cheekbones

Fret not if you are not born with high cheekbones. To emphasize your cheekbones and give them a defined look, use a mattifying contouring powder and brush the powder along the hollows of your cheeks. Blend a powder blush above the shadow and lightly use a sweeping up motion towards your temple. If you can’t find the hollow of your cheeks, just suck in your cheeks as a guide.


Make your lips appear fuller without adding more layers of lipstick. This can be achieved by adding a touch of shimmery highlighter to your Cupid’s bow, which is the V shape in the center of your top lip.

Ready, Get Set

Use a makeup setting spray as a final step to your makeup. This helps to lock in the makeup, making it last longer without needing many touch-up sessions in between photo taking.

You can also use setting powders such as translucent powder to keep shine at bay and avoid greasy-looking photos. Compact powders with a matte formula help to keep the face fresh, radiant, non -greasy, and ever ready for your next photo-taking. It also helps to remove and control shine, perfect for touch-ups. 

With these top 5 tips to look photogenic all day on your wedding, you will no doubt be the star of your wedding. With careful and detailed planning, you can avoid dull-looking wedding photos that you will look back on way after the wedding is over.


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