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Professional Makeup Artists In Malaysia


Pro Makeup Center has a team of experienced and professional makeup artists who can do your makeup beautifully and accentuate your beauty to attract the envy and praises of others. You know that feeling when you enter a room and people just stare at you like you’re some angel who transcended from heaven? You hear words of admiration and they just love you! As the saying goes, “Confidence breeds beauty” and that’s exactly what professional makeup artists in Malaysia do.  They bring out that confidence in you by making you happy with how you look; and the happier you are the more beautiful you become.

What Professional Makeup Artists Do

“I want to look like my best version possible.” says every bride, debutant, and woman ever. Most people look up to Professional Makeup Artists to do just that. Like any other artists, they have their canvas which so happens to be the face – which by the way, also happens to be the first thing people look at.

In its simplest form, a professional makeup artist is a beauty industry professional who applies techniques and methods of enhancing one’s facial features with the use of various makeup products and tools. 

Although many makeup artists are self-taught and are actually great at what they do, there’s so much more than knowing how to apply beauty products. There are theories behind the application, sanitation, colours, time management and more. It takes a professional to understand the factors that can make a face stand out in a sea of dazzling, beautiful people.

Pro Makeup Center is a provider of top quality makeup services in Malaysia. Our team of professional makeup artists are experienced in serving a wide range of clients and up to date to the latest trends in the industry, so whether you require customised makeup services for your wedding or special effects makeup for a movie production, we’ve got you covered! We have been wearing masks for most of 2020 and we are still wearing this important accessory to protects ourselves against the coronavirus in 2021 and beyond. Professional makeup artists from Pro Makeup Center share tips to prevent the makeup from transferring onto the masks. Read more on how to keep your makeup from transferring onto your mask here.

Types Of Makeup Artists

Makeup artists differ in areas of specialization and can be found working in a number of settings within the creative industries, such as:

Film, TV and Theater Makeup Artists

Behind every movie star, singer, or news anchor is a talented and skilled professional makeup artist that makes them embody their specific roles and characters exceptionally. These artists on set make the characters look their part on carefully applied makeup. At times, this can also include special effects (SFX) makeup which is a more advanced field that takes real skill and practice.

Fashion Makeup Artists

They are very much like Film and Theatre artists but focused on Runway and Magazine shoots. Very knowledgeable on the latest trends and fashion, these makeup artists are sought-after professionals.

Special Occasions Makeup Artists

These are professional makeup artists that put in the effort of achieving the look you’ve been dreaming of for your special moment. Whether a prom, a social event, or a wedding, these makeup artists specialize in preparing you for the BIG DAY.

Personal Makeup Artists

Many celebrities hire their own personal care makeup artists who work exclusively for them.

Face and Body Painting Artists

Some makeup artists extend their canvas to not only the face but also the body through the use of makeup and paint to create fantastic and magical looks.

Specialised makeup

These makeup artists specialize in makeup coverage like patients who have unusual scars or deformities.

Over the years, our team of makeup artists has built a track record in all types of makeup ranging from bridal makeup to TV and movie makeup and manicure and pedicure. We are professional makeup artists with years of experience and qualifications.

Professional Makeup Artists Require Education and Qualification

All that beauty and colours, I get it. While makeup artistry is a hands-on profession, aspiring makeup artists require to go through courses in order to be qualified as professional makeup artists. Makeup schools go beyond what can be learned from Youtube and provide in-depth training on theories, products and proper makeup application.

Should you decide to pursue this path, look no further than Pro Makeup Center! Get trained by one of the leading Makeup Artist Schools in Malaysia, where we offer several advanced makeup courses of international standard. Find out more about our Academy here.

Benefits Of Hiring a Makeup Artist

There are many benefits of hiring a makeup artist for your wedding. Have you ever experienced buying a whole set of makeup products and realizing it takes more than just watching videos of famous youtube gurus to master that cat eye or those perfect brows? While it wouldn’t be much of a deal if you’re only dolling up for an eat out with friends, it makes total difference when actually doing it for a special event. That’s where professional makeup artists come in. To know how to hire the right makeup artist, read it here.


1. They eliminate your stress.

Tensions run high on your BIG Day. Although you may be good at perfecting your face, or have a friend or relative that can do that for you, there are factors that may stress you out in the process and end up ruining your day. A professional will ensure you can sit back and relax while they do what they do best – make you glow.

2. Get beauty and wedding knowledge only a pro would know.

Professional makeup artists go through extensive makeup training to understand colour theory, skincare, what products to use, when and how to apply them, at which intensity, and on what particular skin type it should be applied on, in order to ensure that you look flawlessly beautiful on all angles, whether in pictures or in person.

3. Staying safe and sanitary.

Especially at this time where everything has to be extremely sanitary, professionals take the extra step to scrape out a product using spatula onto a sterile palette, as to not contaminate the rest of the product. Cream foundation, lipsticks, blushes, and flash colours are a breeding ground for bacteria and one dip of a finger may contaminate it entirely. So, hire a professional makeup artist to stay safe and beautiful!

4. Satisfaction in Results.

A pro makeup artist has honed their skills as a professional and has done hundreds of faces in their career. Regardless of the location, time of day, or weather, they keep you looking your best.

May it be a debut, wedding, photoshoot or a special event you’re glamming up for, you would need to hire a professional makeup artist as occasions like these require more than just creativity but also skill, training and experience in makeup artistry.

At Pro Makeup Center, we believe that everyone is unique and requires different makeup solutions. Our makeup consultants take the time to understand your needs so we can use products best suited for your skin type to create a personalised look to suit your personality and needs. This is part of our commitment to provide our customers with creative, high quality and professional makeup services.

Cost Of Hiring A Makeup Artist For A Wedding

Generally each wedding makeup artist in Malaysia is proficient in different ways, styles and packages. Makeup application can require more or less products, time and expertise, and therefore, costs vary significantly.

Most makeup artists encourage a trial application which can range between RM100 – RM150. A Bridal  Day Makeup Service can range from RM1000-2000 depending on the package inclusions.

Right now, You might feel like paying more to have a makeup artist, does not make sense, especially if you’re good at doing it yourself, but you also have to remember that it’s your special day and you deserve to be pampered. We want to do that for you! 


Our goal is to make the bride the most beautiful person in the ceremony. Something you can look back on, years from now, is a photograph of a confidently beautiful and stress-free you. Let Pro Makeup Center Malaysia, tell the story of your wedding in the most capturing way possible. Choose us for your bridal makeup and make your wedding memorable!

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