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How to wear eye makeup for sensitive eyes. For people with sensitive eyes, wearing eye makeup can sound like a mission impossible. If you are not careful, you will end up with eyes that are red, itchy, dry, and irritated. Imagine eye shadow getting into your eyes or eyeliner that sting and mascara that makes you tear. So, how to wear eye makeup for sensitive eyes? Pro Makeup Center shares a couple of useful tips on how to select and wear eye makeup that is suitable for sensitive eyes.

Choosing The Right Product Formulas

Look out for beauty brands that specifically create products for sensitive eyes. Go for fragrance-free and ingredients that won’t irritate your skin and eyes. Also, avoid products that contain alcohol and essential oil. These ingredients may be irritating in general, but more so for people with sensitive eyes. You should be looking out for products that are hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist-tested.

Other than choosing the right products, proper techniques are also very important. Having the right tools will also avoid getting too much makeup on your eyes. Pro Makeup Center has the best makeup artists in Malaysia with the expert knowledge to choose the right product formulas with the right techniques and the right tools for your eye makeup for sensitive eyes. Read more here about airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup.

Invest In Good Quality Makeup Brushes

Go for makeup brushes with soft bristles, and avoid hard brushes. Makeup brushes come in synthetic and natural hair. Make sure to test them out before buying. Request for a brush that has been cleaned before testing them on your eyes and face. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s gentle to the skin and eyes.


There are specific techniques to adhere to if you want to apply makeup that won’t sting your eyes. Use a makeup brush to apply eye makeup, don’t apply it directly to your eyes. Brushes give you precision and help control the amount you put on your face. It also gives a more defined professional look as compared to using fingers or sponges to blend.


Choose a ballpoint eyeliner over powder or pencil eyeliner. Ballpoint eyeliner creates a strongly defined look without constantly tugging your eyes. It is easy and smooth to apply, unlike powder which might get into your eyes and cause irritation.

Eye Shadow

Applying eyeshadow can be a painful process if you are not careful. Blending eyeshadow can cause sore eyes. To avoid this, apply eye shadow in a patting motion and blend lightly without applying too much pressure. Apply shadow a little bit at a time, and slowly build up the colors.

eye makeup brush

Keep It Simple

Sometimes less is more. Avoid wearing too many makeup products when you have sensitive eyes. If you are going for a smoky eye, skip the eyeliner. If you want to define your eyes with black bold eyeliner, minimize the eye shadow. This will lessen the chance of causing irritation to your eyes. Pick makeup products that are gentle to your eyes. It is important to feel comfortable in the makeup that you wear. For your wedding makeup, consider hiring a professional wedding makeup artist. Here are the 12 Reasons You Need To Hire a Makeup Artist For Your Wedding. In addition, here are some useful advice on How To Hire The Right Makeup Artist For Your Wedding and 15 Questions To Ask a Wedding Makeup Artist.

Choose Waterproof Mascaras

Dust, wind, pollution, and allergies are just some of the things that can irritate sensitive eyes and make you tear. Choose a waterproof mascara to avoid tearing up, which can further irritate your eyes.

Line The Outer Corners

Focus on lining the outer corners of your eyes. Start the line midway and finish up towards the outer corner of your eyes. Do the same for the bottom lash line. Get as close as possible to your waterline, without actually touching or lining them. Lining your waterline can irritate sensitive eyes. Apply the eyeliner in light short feathery strokes, rather than one straight line to avoid skin tugging.

Avoid Glittery Eye Shadow

Glitter eye shadow is a show stopper. But those that come in glitter specks will irritate your eyes, poke your eyelids and make you overall uncomfortable. Go for cream eye shadow instead. The pigments found in powder eye shadow and cream formulas are different. Pigments in the powder can cause more eye irritation than creams.

Get The Right Cleaning Tools

Q tips come in handy when you need to remove your makeup. Q tips have a small precise tip to allow for easy and more accurate cleaning of your eye makeup. You can also use them to correct eyeliner or mascara smudges without rubbing.

Don’t Wear Makeup To Bed

Although this is common sense, it can be very tempting to go straight to bed without removing your makeup after a long day. Wearing makeup to bed can cause irritation to the skin and may cause a breakout. Sleeping with eye makeup on can be really bad for your eyes. Remove your makeup thoroughly before hitting the sack. Use alcohol-free formulation to avoid irritating the eyes.

Use cotton pads to gently wipe off your eye makeup first, before using makeup remover to lather up and rinse your face.

Organic Makeup

Consider makeup made from organic and natural ingredients. Going for products that all-natural without harmful preservatives and chemicals is one step to keep irritation at bay. There are beauty brands that do not use artificial colors or fragrances, are vegan and cruelty-free. These products are not only kind to your eyes, but also to nature. Organic makeup may not have a very long shelf-life due to it being preservative-free, but it is better for sensitive eyes.


To make sure you don’t get any flare-ups or irritated eyes during your wedding day, pick makeup products that are gentle to your eyes. You wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle with red, itchy inflamed eyes. It is important to feel comfortable in the makeup you wear on this special day. If choosing to do your own makeup for your wedding day seems like a hassle, consider hiring a professional makeup artist who has worked with a wide array of brides before. At Pro Makeup Center, we have makeup artists with years of expertise in the bridal industry. Our makeup artists are well trained to pick the right makeup products that suit your skin and individual conditions. Whether you have sensitive eyes, skin, our makeup artist will do a thorough assessment of your skin and only pick products that are suitable for you. Contact today for a free consultation and personalized service where we will cater to your individual needs. Book a slot through our website at or email us at today. You will not be disappointed with our services.