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How to keep your makeup from transferring onto your mask. Face mask: the biggest fashion trend of 2020/2021. A necessity for keeping us safe from coronavirus. But how to keep your makeup from transferring onto your mask? If you love wearing makeup and are not ready to give it up during the pandemic, read on for our expert tips from Pro Makeup Center on how to still look your best, even while wearing a mask.


Treat your face as a blank canvas. And for makeup to look good on your face, the first most important step is to make sure your skin is well moisturized. Choose a non-greasy moisturizer as using a moisturizer that is too rich will cause makeup to look greasy. A moisturizer rich in ceramides helps prevent water loss. It also helps protect the skin barrier and helps the skin retain water. This will in turn reduce redness and irritation usually associated with wearing a mask for too long. And non-hydrated skin will make your makeup look cakey and aged with fine lines caused by dehydration. So make sure to also hydrate your skin from within; drink plenty of water and fluids.

Choose the right mask

Selecting the right mask is important to make your makeup last longer, while also giving you the protection you need. With a huge array of masks available, which is the right mask to wear? A simple 3- ply disposable mask is the best option to go. With multiple thin layers, it makes it easier to breathe and lessens the moisture around the mouth area, which is usually associated with wearing a mask for a long period of time. A thicker cotton reusable mask may be more aesthetically pleasing but it usually makes it harder to breathe and moisture gathered around the mouth area is increased, smudging your foundation and lipstick further. We, at Pro Makeup Center, provide effective and useful makeup tips for you. Pro Makeup Center has the best professional makeup artists for your makeup needs. Our team of qualified makeup artists are highly experienced in the makeup industry as well. Read more about airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup here. Find out: why do you need to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding? Also find out: how to hire the right makeup artist for your wedding. 

Don’t skip the primer

A primer is the base for all of your makeup. A primer helps to set foundation better on your face, making your makeup last longer. Do this step right to have a beautiful flawless finishing. Choose a matte primer that helps to control the build-up of oil, long-wearing finishes, and sweat-proof.


Concealer helps to hide imperfections like acne and marks. There are also concealers that corrects the under tone of your skin. Choose a long-lasting concealer. A creamy formula makes it easy to blend and a little goes a long way. A matte formula won’t transfer easily to your mask but might be a bit drying. Make sure to prep your under-eye area with a lightweight and moisturizing eye cream so that your concealer won’t crease and make the area around your eyes look dry.


When it comes to foundation, it is readily available in liquid, powder, or stick form. Whichever is your preference, go for a matte foundation that helps control sweat build-up and keep oil at bay.

Focus on the Eyes

When wearing a mask, a huge portion of your face will be covered. Framing your eyebrows will give your face a more alert outlook. And your eyes will be the highlight of your face. Don’t neglect them and be sure to emphasize your eyes as best you can. Choose a waterproof formula for your eyebrow pencil; along with waterproof eyeliner. Choose dark black eyeliner to really make your eyes stand out. Add a dash of color to your eyes: choose cream eye shadow to accentuate your eyes. Colors like pink and green help to make your eyes pop.

Cream eye shadow also won’t rub off as easily as powder eye shadow. Complete the wow factor by adding in waterproof mascara formulas with extra volumizing effect that dramatically shows off your eyes.

Stain the lips

Many women forgo lipstick altogether for fear it would transfer onto the mask easily. Fret not, to avoid getting lipstick on your mask, choose a matte lipstick with long-wearing formula. Alternatively, you can choose lip stains. Avoid lip gloss as it will surely stick to your mask and cause a sticky mess when you remove your mask. Another tip is to powder your lips with loose powder before applying lipstick over them. The powder helps to set the lipstick and make it smudge-proof.

Setting spray

Setting spray helps your makeup to stand against tears, sweat, and humidity. The setting spray helps lock in your makeup as the last step to the whole makeup process. As the name suggests, setting spray allows the makeup to set; hence making it smudge-proof. If you are considering between using a setting spray or a powder, pairing a powder and a setting spray together helps greatly in producing makeup that lasts all day. How do you combine both? Firstly apply the powder first after you are done with your makeup. Then finish off with a matte setting spray.

How to apply: Spray the setting spray evenly across the face with a zig-zag motion, at least 20cm from your face. Concentrate on the nose bridge, jawline, and under the eyes; as these areas are where normally the mask would be in contact most.

Must-haves in your bag

Before leaving the house, other than extra masks, wet wipes, tissue, and a sanitizer, be sure to include a mirror, compact powder, oil blotting paper, and matte lipstick in your bag for emergency touch-ups.

Consider using a professional

Now that you know how to keep your makeup from transferring onto your mask, you will feel more comfortable applying makeup, even in these new normal mask-wearing days. To be in full confidence during big events like your wedding day, birthdays, or annual dinners; consider getting a professional makeup artist to do your makeup for you. At Pro Makeup Center, we take away your stress by giving you the best. Our team of highly qualified makeup artists are experienced and can tailor a makeup look that is suitable and customized to your needs. Check us out at to book a slot with us today. Alternatively, you may call +60193599420 for more information on our personalized services.