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When you are planning for your wedding and you are looking for a good and reliable makeup artist, this is a question that always pops up: How to hire the right makeup artist for your wedding? Getting the best makeup artist for your special event can be challenging. You might feel hesitant in exploring and discovering the best makeup artists in Malaysia as it may cost you a lot of time.

Aside from that, finding the makeup artist that you can trust can be difficult too especially one who shares and understands your ideas when it comes to a style that would suit you best. And lastly, you also need to consider the payments you should make. Also, consider the questions you need to ask the wedding makeup artist before hiring him/her.

But do not worry because here are some ways that you can consider when it comes to hiring the right makeup artist in Malaysia:-


Have a Rough Idea Of What You Want And Need  

The first and most important thing for you to do is to roughly know what you need. Knowing this will help you achieve the look and style that you want.

There are things that you can consider when it comes to your needs. The first thing for you to consider is the colour of your dress. Make sure that the colour of your dress will complement the makeup style that you want.

Next is to know the style that you want. If you want natural-looking makeup, you should communicate that with your makeup artist.

Also, you need to consider the time and duration of the event since your makeup style should also harmonize with it. For example, the event is held at night, then your makeup artist might suggest a smokey eyes style. Besides that, you should also read more about how to choose your wedding makeup style here.



Research And Look For a Few Makeup Artists In Malaysia

If you want to get the best, do not settle for just one makeup artist. For sure, there are a lot of great makeup artists in Malaysia.

Try to do some research online. Most makeup artists nowadays have their own websites and social media sites that you can look into. You can search their social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and even Linkedin to know more about the makeup artists.

Browse their websites and social media accounts. Look for the pictures and makeup styles in their portfolio that might interest you.  

Get a Few Makeup Artists’ Proposals and Quotes At Once  

If you are running out of time and want to get the makeup artist in time for your event, you can send your requirements to your chosen makeup artists. Ask them about the cost, and try to negotiate the price with them.

Also, tell them your preferred style and look. And when the both of you land on an agreement, then you can hire them.

Review The Makeup Artists’ Portfolios 

In choosing the best artist, it is essential for you to review their portfolio.  As a way of marketing, most makeup artists nowadays post photos on their websites and social media accounts.

Look for the before and after photos of their clients. From there, you can see if the artists’ style is that one that you are looking for. Be meticulous when it comes to browsing their portfolio. Most likely, the makeup styles you see from their portfolio are the ones that they can do for you.

Check Out The Customer Testimonials And Reviews

Another best thing for you to look into is the testimonials and reviews of their previous clients. Read the testimonials and reviews section on their websites and social media accounts.

Look for those that received five (5) stars. Also check the number of reviews. The more reviews you can find on their site, indicates that they have already served several clients. And that means that they have already established a good reputation in the market.

Also, try to see if they have good customer service. Read how they treat their clients. It is always important to know if you can be comfortable working with them.


Ask What Makeup Products And Brands The Makeup Artists Use 

Before choosing your makeup artist, ask them the makeup products and brands that they use. This is important, especially if you know that you have an allergy to some products.

If they use the same products as yours, and the makeup style of the artist suits you, then that means the artist is the one for you. But if they use different products, you can communicate it with them. And they can probably make adjustments.

But if making adjustments is impossible for your chosen makeup artist, then you should probably have to find a new one. 

Book For a Trial Session And Discuss The Look With The Makeup Artist  

You may also ask for a trial session. This will help you know if you and your makeup artist are perfect for each other. You will also know if they can do your preferred makeup style. And if not, they can still make some adjustments that will complement the event you are attending.

Also, try to time the trial makeup session from the beginning to end. This will give you an idea of how long you might spend in the actual makeup session on the actual event. Once you know the duration, you can now set a schedule that will be enough for your preparation.

That way, you will not worry and get stressed about being late. But instead, you can get to the event in time looking your best.

Decide And Hire With Confidence

Lastly, after shortlisting and going through your potential makeup artists, you can now pick the best one from them. After doing all the steps, you will be able to evaluate the best makeup artist for you.

Consider the comfort you feel with them. See if they offer good customer service. And the most important thing to consider in hiring them is the outcome.

Try to ask these questions to yourself before hiring them. Do they meet your standards and preference? Is their service good enough for the price?

If their service during the trial makeup session gives you a “Yes” as an answer, then do not think twice and hire them.


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