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How to choose your wedding makeup style? With so many varying makeup styles to choose from these days, it may be overwhelming to decide which style to go for on your wedding day. While you may be tempted to go for the natural look cause it’s the safest choice, you will want something special on your big day. Pro Makeup Center shares a few ideas on how to choose your wedding makeup style.

Pin It!

Do a search on Google and Pinterest and you will be greeted by more than a dozen of makeup styles to choose from. Styles ranging from romantic, moody, bold, classic, elegant, moody, Smokey, silver, peachy, edgy, high gloss, matte, gothic, nude, mod, and white. Create a wedding makeup idea board on Pinterest and start pinning the ones that capture your interest. You will then have an idea of what kind of styles and color palette to try. Pro Makeup Center has makeup artist in Malaysia who can recreate the makeup styles from social media that capture your interest. Read more about how to add a pop of colour to your bridal makeup. 

Consider Your Wedding Theme And Venue

Narrowing down the wedding styles based on the venue and theme of your wedding reception will tie in everything together, and create a look that matches and blend well. Hosting your wedding on a beach? Now is the right time for bronzers and dewy highlighter. A romantic dinner venue is not complete with a matte style and ruby red lips. How about a vintage-themed wedding? Line your eyes in a dramatic winged liner style. Keep skin dewy by applying liquid foundation. Brighten up lips with cherry colors like apricot, and use a mascara with volume-enhancing properties to show off the long lashes.

The Dress Is Everything

Brides usually take a long time to decide on the wedding dress. This is because the dress typically reflects the bride’s own personal style and preference. So basing the makeup style according to the dress is a great idea.

Lace material: go for a soft, romantic look with pastel colors and floral hair ornaments. Popular romantic colors to try: dreamy peach, terracotta and soft pink tones. 

Sexy, form-fitting dress: complete the sexiness with Smokey eyes and red lips. How to achieve the smokey eye look in 3 simple steps: start by applying a middle tone color all over your lid. It doesn’t have to be limited to only black. Opt for greys or browns or even dark blues. Your base is now ready. Next, apply a liner along your lash line without missing any parts. When done correctly, this step really accentuate your eyes and make it stand out. Then take a darker shade shadow in smoke or charcoal, and layer them over the liner. Blend halfway up the lid and smudge out lightly with a makeup blending brush for a smokey effect. Don’t forget to finish up with a mascara, making sure to add at least 2 to 3 coatings to make it more obvious.

Modern wedding dress: choose vibrant color eyeshadow with soft blush colors to complement a non-traditional gown. Hot colors to choose from includes light pink, coral hues, neon greens and colored mascaras that is currently the trend for 2021. In conjunction with Covid19, it is important to keep safe by wearing masks at public places to prevent from being infected by this deadly virus. Hence it is important for you to read this: how to keep your makeup from transferring onto your mask. 

Get Ideas From Loved Ones

Close family and friends usually have a good understanding of who you are and what your styles are. They may be able to give you ideas to work on what they already know about you and your general style. Get together, sit down and write a list of possible styles for you.

Be Realistic

Scrolling through many Instagram posts will tempt you to recreate the styles you see on impulse. However, it is important to remain realistic. Most Instagram photos have been edited to look perfect with filters. Don’t choose a style for a different skin tone than yours.

Don’t expect a celebrity style to look the same on you

It is also very easy to want to recreate a look you love from a favorite celebrity. However, you should be aware that how a makeup looks on a particular celebrity will not look exactly the same on you. Just as how styling your hair the same as a celebrity would not have the same outcome. You may draw inspiration from celebrities, but never copy an entire look without first assessing the differences in features of your face.

Be Yourself

If trying a whole new style on your wedding day sounds overwhelming; just be yourself and choose the style you are most comfortable with. Take it up a notch by accentuating one feature on your face.

Eyes: Go bold with jet black eyeliner and dramatic eyelashes for this special day. Line eyeliner from the outer corner of the eyes and draw a fine line towards the inner corner. Thicken the line for the outer corner of the eyes to give it a more defined look. Read more about: how to wear eye makeup if you have sensitive eyes.

Lips: Create perfectly luscious lips. Go for a sultry style by first drawing the lip with a lip brush, focusing on the corners of the lips. Then using a vibrant ruby red lipstick, brush on the color evenly onto your lips with the help of a lip brush. Complete the look by using clear lip gloss to give lips a luminous shine.

Or choose to be sultry with bright red lips and matte makeup for the rest of your face. Make sure to apply a little bit more makeup than your usual day-to-day makeup; this is to ensure it lasts all day and shows up well in your gorgeous photos. Read more about top 5 makeup tips to look photogenic.

Face: If you are used to minimal makeup on your face, you would want to make sure you apply more than usual for your wedding day. Choose a matte foundation for a shine-free face all day. Use makeup sponge in order to blend in the foundation evenly and to ensure no cakey look. Complete the look by dusting translucent powder to lock in the foundation. Setting your face with enough makeup allows for colors to show more vibrantly in photos.


Experiment And Play Dress Up

If you can’t decide on a particular style, how about getting together a group of your close friends and experiment dress up together. Get each friend to try on a different makeup style on you. Snap some pictures and vote for what styles suit you best.

Consult a Professional

If doing your own wedding makeup sounds scary to you, consider leaving it to the professionals. Pro Makeup Center has a team of professional makeup artists under their belt. With years of experience in the bridal makeup industry, Pro Makeup Center can come up with a wedding makeup style that is suited and curated specially for you. Check out today and book a complimentary assessment session today.

Make Sure To Get a Trial

When engaging a professional makeup artist, don’t forget to do a trial makeup before your big day. You wouldn’t want any nasty surprises on your wedding day. A trial helps you to try styles and make any corrections and also lets the makeup artist understand your style better. Pro Makeup Center offers a wedding makeup trial leading up to your wedding day. Contact Pro Makeup Center at today to book your trials.