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How to add a pop of colour to your bridal makeup. Do you ever leave the house without wearing makeup? Are you the makeup virgin or the dramatic makeup queen? Whoever you are, you will benefit from a few extra tips from us at Pro Makeup Center on how to add a pop of color to your bridal makeup.

Wedding day theme

Matching your makeup look to the theme of your wedding is one of the best ways to ensure you don’t go overboard with the color palette. Is your theme a garden wedding? Maybe beach or a romantic floral pink theme? These themes can be easily matched with a burst of pink hues, soft baby blues, or minty green. Your wedding day shouldn’t be a day to experiment with a completely different style that you will be uncomfortable with. You would want to be as photogenic, comfortable, happy, and relax as you can be on your wedding day. So don’t choose a style so eccentric you won’t be able to accept. In addition to this, here’s some tips on how to choose your wedding makeup style.


Pick a feature to emphasize

It can be tempting to want to accentuate your eyes, nose, and lips all at once. But a better approach would be to choose one feature as your focal point to emphasize. Play your eyes with a striking shimmery shadow and keep the rest of the face neutral. Add a pop of sweet pink to your cheeks for a romantic look. Or go bold on your lips with bright red for a sexy elegance but leave the rest of the face in a more earthy tone palette. Whichever you choose to highlight, make sure to minimize the rest to really make your makeup pop and your feature stand out.


Gold and copper mood

Gone are the days when gold and copper are considered tacky and outdated. Use gold and copper to highlight your eyes to make it pop! Just don’t overdo it. Apply them over your eyelids to make them glow, not the entire eye crease. Finish off with bold eyeliner in black to give it an outstanding contrast.

Go bold with eyeliner in bright colors

Bring attention to the eyes by using eyeliners in royal blue or fluorescent green or yellow. These popular trendy colors can bring your whole makeup look to another level. Keep the rest of the face in neutral colors.



Don’t underestimate the power of accessories. Create a fun beach look with cascading floral arrangement at the side of your bun. Or a simple pearl tiara for a romantic night wedding. Accessories help bring out a pop of color to your bridal makeup by blending into a theme. The face mask is a compulsory accessory for 2020/2021 to protect ourselves against Covid19. Our makeup artists from Pro Makeup Center have shared invaluable tips on how to keep your makeup from transferring onto the mask. 


Paint em red

A black and white theme wedding looks more stunning with a brightly painted pair of lips in hues of strong red. This brings out a classic look that’s sexy, simple but bold.



Contour and highlight your features using a metallic silver powder. Brush them in the corner of your eyes, at the bridge of your nose, and the temple of your cheeks to make them stand out instantly.


Setting spray

When you are happy with your final look, don’t forget to use a setting spray to lock in the makeup. Dust of translucent powder helps keep the makeup intact and setting spray helps make the makeup last longer too.


If you have never experimented with bold colors and worry about getting it wrong, consider seeking help from a professional makeup artist. We at can help take away the stress of looking your best. Book a complimentary consultation session with us today where our team of experienced makeup artists will analyze your face and create a makeup look that is as individual as you. Contact us now at or email us at for more information.