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This article is about airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup. Which should you go for? Looking your absolute best on your wedding day comes with choosing the right makeup to wear. The right makeup will accentuate your best features. Pro Makeup Center provides professional makeup artists Malaysia who offer great makeup services. If you are considering airbrush makeup or traditional makeup, this article is for you.  Let us guide you on airbrush makeup vs traditional makeup.

What is Airbrush makeup?

In a nutshell, airbrush makeup uses a small makeup air compressor or airbrush gun to deliver the foundation to your face in the form of mist, sprayed finely onto your face. The airbrush compressor helps create airflow through a connected hose, and foundation is sprayed out when the trigger is pushed with pressure and controlled like a painting gun. Because of the way this technique is executed, the end result will be a more natural, even looking makeup that looks polished and flawless. You won’t be able to notice any patches of foundation sitting on your face. Read more about what is the purpose of foundation makeup. In addition, read more about how to add a pop of colour to your bridal makeup.

Who is airbrush makeup ideal for?

If you do not want the hassle of having to touch up your makeup throughout your big day, airbrush makeup is for you. Airbrush makeup is capable of lasting the entire day. Because it is mostly silicone based, it is more water-resistant than traditional makeup. All the kissing, hugging and crying will not ruin your face.

Pros of airbrush makeup

Airbrush makeup is easier to layer

Because it produces fine layers in between, airbrush makeup dries up quickly and allows you to customise the end results you want. Thinner or thicker layers, it’s entirely up to you.

Flawless finishing

Airbrush makeup allows you to achieve the complexion of your dreams. Smooth and flawless, you will be ever ready for the camera.

Cons of airbrush makeup


Airbrush make up gives an even smooth complexion to moist skin. However, for skin that are on the drier side it will end up looking flaky and blotchy.  If you are unsure if you are suitable for airbrush technique, it would be better to get the consultation of a qualified makeup artist.

Limited choices of shades

Foundation used for airbrush makeup differs from regular foundation. The shades are more limited, giving you fewer options. This means that the foundations cannot be blended together to derive a more customisable shade.

More expensive than traditional makeup

If you are opting for airbrush makeup, be prepared to pay more than traditional makeup. A single session for wedding makeup can cost RM 800, and RM 1,500 for day and night sessions for the airbrushing alone. Air brushing is considered as an add on service to the makeup service.


Traditional makeup

Traditional makeup is executed using regular makeup found on the market, with the aid of makeup brushes and palettes to create the stunning styles for your wedding. How the end result looks usually depends largely on the quality of the products used as well as the skillfulness of the makeup artist. Traditional makeup comes in a wide variety of shades and textures to choose from. Read more about how to choose your wedding makeup style.

Pros of traditional makeup

A wider range of shades to choose from

Traditional makeup is made from pigmented powders and liquid and can be mixed to create new shades and blended in to give you a more customisable colour. What you will get is a highly personalised colour tone that matches your skin closely.

Easier to redo mistakes

Accidents happen during the makeup process, or sometimes you do not agree on the end result of the makeup applied to your face. Traditional makeup makes it easier to wipe off mistakes and change styles easier and faster. This is not so easily done with airbrush makeup.


Traditional makeup is less expensive when compared to airbrush makeup. Because traditional makeup uses brushes, tips and blending sponges to create the look, it is relatively cheaper than airbrushing makeup. Traditional makeup for wedding cost RM 300 for one single session and RM 800 for day and night session. Usually, you will also be able to get a package price of RM 2500 for traditional makeup service for the bride, maid of honour, mom of the bride and bridesmaid.


traditional malay wedding makeup

Cons of traditional makeup

Need to touch up throughout your wedding reception.

If you opt for traditional makeup, there will be a need to excuse yourself to do touch up in between your wedding reception. While many brides are okay with this, some might prefer not to.

Not resistant to sweat or tears

It would be far easier to ruin your makeup if you choose traditional makeup. It would not withstand the happy tears or sweat from running around. However, if you are prepared to do touch-ups, this is a minor problem.

Both airbrush makeup and traditional makeup offer the same end results to happy brides – a beautifully curated makeup style that suits only you on your blissful and happiest day. No one technique is superior to another. Each has its own pros and cons. Deciding on the technique will largely depend on how you envision your wedding day to be. If you are still uncertain which would be a better choice for your big day, you can always request the makeup artist to do a trial makeup before your wedding date. Some makeup artists will offer a complimentary trial while others might charge a small fee. Getting a trial done will give you a good idea of the makeup artist’s style and also offer an opportunity for you to discuss your likes and dislikes.


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