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Being a modern-day woman can be very challenging. We are expected to do it all. With such a hectic lifestyle; we often neglect our skin and are clueless about how to take care of it. Here are 7 beauty and makeup tips every woman should know. Pro Makeup Center offers professional makeup services in Malaysia, so do contact us.


Not Using Sunscreen

Thinking that you do not need a sunscreen because you have a darker skin tone and won’t burn easily is false. Your skin will still be prone to sun damage. Another reason to not skip the sunscreen daily is because it actually decreases your chance of skin cancer.

Applying sunscreen daily also helps you to avoid signs of aging. Sun damage often expedite aging, as sun exposure can cause fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots and discoloration of the skin. Skin that has a discolored look and uneven tone is usually the result of many years of sun exposure without wearing a sunscreen daily. Wearing a sunscreen diligently ensures an even skin tone and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Set a routine to ensure you don’t forget your daily sunscreen.

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How to apply: Apply sunscreen by dabbing a few dots around your face, blend in with your fingers and make sure you don’t miss areas that hits the high points of the sun like your nose and cheeks. Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your neck on the front and back of your neck. This helps to prevent premature sagging skin of the neck.

Using Your Concealer For Everything

If you are guilty for using your concealer as a base for your makeup and also to correct imperfections, you are doing it wrongly. Here are some useful tips from Pro Makeup Center. Although it’s tempting to use concealer to double up as a makeup base, this could actually do more harm than good. Concealers are meant to conceal the discolorations, acne marks, dark circles around your eyes. Meaning it is actually thicker than your regular foundation. If you use it for your entire face, you will risk clogging up the pores on your face which could dry out your skin, make your makeup crease and appear dry and flaky; as well as run the risks for skin breakouts as a result of your face unable to breathe freely.

How to apply concealer: Apply a few tiny dabs of concealer on areas of your face that needs cover-ups only. Lightly pat and blend with your fingers to even out the concealer. Do read more about airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup.

Use Translucent Powder For Shiny Areas

Do not make the mistake of using translucent powder like a foundation. Reserve powder only for the shiny and oil-prone areas of your face such as your t-zone and forehead. Applying translucent powder all over the face usually results in a masked face effect, making you look like you have worn paint on your face. It doesn’t look as natural a finish as a smooth foundation on your face.

How to apply translucent powder: Examine your face and determine the areas that sweat and are oil-prone. Take a powder brush and light coat the area of your face with gentle strokes of the brush in a patting motion.


Heating Up Your Eyelash Curler

Heating up your eyelash curler before curling your lashes actually makes for a more dramatic look and helps your lashes stay curled for longer. It also makes mascara looks more voluminous.

How to heat your curler: Use a hair dryer and heat the curling plates of the eyelash curler for a few seconds to a minute. Be careful not to scald your eyelids with the hot plates. Let it cool slightly before attempting to curl your lashes. You need to be careful when you wear eye makeup if you have sensitive eyes. Read more about this: how to wear eye makeup for sensitive eyes. 

Wearing a Lipstick And Making It Last Longer

Do not skip lipstick when you have done your makeup for the entire face. Never underestimate how lipstick can complete a look and make you look fresher and more vibrant. Choose pink or neutral shades for day time, and bold red colors for a night out.

How to make lipstick last longer: place a tissue on your colored lips. Gently give it a press on your lips and you are good to go. This step helps protect the lipstick’s staying power and avoid it from fading away too fast.


Moisture Your Face And Also Your Body

When applying skincare, don’t just stop at your jawline. Do not neglect the neck, décolletage and the back of your hands. Most of us make the mistake of only applying skincare to our face and often feel it’s a waste to apply expensive skincare all over the body. But skipping this step will make you regret; many years down the road. Moisturizing your body ensures you don’t get premature aging. Fine lines are often caused by a lack of moisture and skin on your body that has been exposed to sun and doing household chores daily should be pampered equally.

How to apply moisturizer on your body: After applying moisturizer on your body, work your way down to your neck. Lightly use upwards stroking motions to gently lift the neck area. Don’t forget the back of the neck. Next, apply moisturizer on your décolletage. Rub gently in circular motion avoiding the nipples. Lastly, apply moisturizer to your arms in an upward sweeping motion, and run them down to your hands and the back of your hands in a circular massaging motion.


Protecting Your Hair

The hair on the top of your head is the most important crowning glory for a woman. Who wouldn’t want lustrous, healthy-looking hair?

Do not make the mistake of not taking care of your hair just as you did for your skin. As we get older, our hair gets drier because of the natural oil of the hair getting lesser. Make it a daily habit to apply a moisturizing hair oil to your hair to keep it looking healthy and to tame the fizziness. Give your hair extra boost of vitamins by doing a hair treatment at the saloon once a month. And if you like to curl and straighten your hair often, always apply a heat-protective product whenever using a blow-dryer, a straightening iron or a curling wand.



These 7 beauty and makeup tips will help any woman to maintain their looks for years to come. is a one-stop portal for hiring the right makeup artist for any event. With years of experience in the makeup industry, ensures you look your best whether it is a anniversary dinner, a best friend’s wedding or even your own wedding. Contact today to book a free consultation slot for your big event or to get tips on how to look your best. Alternatively, you may send an email to