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We are going to highlight the 12 reasons you need to hire a makeup artist for your wedding. We are going to justify that hiring a professional wedding makeup artist is highly recommended and in fact, it’s a must. So, the big day is coming. You have spent months preparing for the wedding, from choosing the wedding dress to tasting the restaurant’s menu, thinking about the venue and the details for the guests’ comfort.

What about your face? You also need to think about your face, how you are going to look on your wedding day because you will be the centre of attraction on that day. You might think of hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day. In fact you should and you need to! Besides that, you should also read how to hire the right makeup artist for your wedding.

1. Reduce stress

Preparing for a wedding can be extremely hectic, stressful and energy draining. Trust us, we have seen many couples getting married and we witness first hand the hectic schedule and stressful lifestyle they go through during their preparation for their wedding. The last thing the bride-to-be wants to be worried of is her bridal look on her wedding day. The bride will have a lot of unexpected challenges that will happen on the wedding day and with the hiring of the makeup artist to handle the makeup for her, she can be assured of a beautiful bridal look at all times, camera-ready all day long on the wedding day. With a makeup artist to take care of all the makeup, the bride can relax and have more time to enjoy the wedding event with family and friends.

2. Amazing Quality Makeup Fast

Professional makeup artists do great work, fast. You may be good at makeup but add on all the pressures during the wedding morning, you may face some serious adversity and your makeup result may suffer under such pressure. On the other hand, professional makeup artists are trained to work under pressure and hectic environments. They can give you beautiful quality makeup fast on your wedding day without any time wasted compared to you doing it on your own such as drawing your own eyeliner with unsteady hands. Professional makeup artists can apply fake eyelashes perfectly. Some people have sensitive eyes. If you do, find out how to wear eye makeup for sensitive eyes here.

You don’t need to worry whether your cat eye will take a few tries to get right or your mascara will accidentally drag across your perfectly applied foundation and you’ll have to start all over. Just sit down and relax with your makeup artist! Makeup artists are professionally trained to deliver quality makeup results consistently effectively and efficiently. With the hiring of a makeup artist for your wedding, you get to save time doing your own bridal makeup. Time = money, hence in a way you get to save your time and money by investing your time in other more productive itineraries and activities for your wedding.

3. Get The Look That Will Match Who You Are

We understand that you want to look your most beautiful and natural on your wedding day. To have a makeup look natural means that the products placement and colours used will match your facial structure, highlight what you like about your face and make what you do not feel at ease with less visible. Trust us, it’s extremely difficult to do all these on your own. You need a highly skilled makeup artist to help you achieve your desired look on your wedding day.

The makeup also has to match the overall look of the day. As said earlier, it is not about an everyday look but a look that will magnify your beauty and match your dress and your hairstyle on your wedding day. Hence, to get the look that will match who you are on your wedding, you need to hire a makeup artist to help you with that. To hire a bridal makeup artist, contact us Pro Makeup Center at +6019-3599420 now for more information.

4. Know What Work And What Doesn’t

Professional makeup artists know what works and what doesn’t.

Wedding makeup is a specialty in the makeup industry and there is a reason for that. This type of makeup has specific requirements.

The makeup should :

  • look as natural as possible 
  • enhance your features 
  • look good in real life and in pictures 
  • match your style and your dress
  • last all day long 

Your usual makeup products and makeup techniques might not be able to help get all of these.

Even if you are rather skilled, there are skills and techniques that professional artists know how to use for important events that you don’t. For example, they’ll know how to keep your makeup locked in for 16 hours of partying(and crying), whereas your everyday makeup might be totally melted down by the time you kick off your evening commute before 8 hours is up.

chinese bridal makeup artist

5. Your Photos Last a Lifetime

If you’re paying to have a professional photographer take pictures to help you cherish your special day for years to come, you want to make sure your makeup stands out in just the right way. Some types of makeup can make your face look one-dimensional in pictures. For example, makeup appears 30% lighter in photographs than in real life. 

But it shouldn’t be up to you to know all of that, and how to do your makeup so it photographs well. This is where professional makeup artists come in. They understand what kind of makeup will photograph well, and can work with you so you get the look you want that can be captured to last a lifetime. Professional makeup artists know what photographs well.

You’ve probably heard this one before, but it bears repeating—you really do need your makeup done differently if you want it to photograph well. And on a day when you will be photographed hundreds, maybe thousands, of times (seriously), it’s best to trust this rule of thumb to the professionals. Because even if you think you’re loading on a ton of makeup, it’s probably not enough to appear in photos—this is why it always takes brides a moment to get used to their professional makeup looks when they have it done the first time. At first glance, it may seem overdone, but after it sets in and later on in photos, it looks just right. Experienced wedding makeup artists know the secret to photograph-ready faces. They know what needs enhancing so it doesn’t disappear in pics (like eyes), and they know how to apply plenty of products without making you look clownish or highlighting fine lines and wrinkles. This is a skill that’s almost impossible to pull off by anyone but the pros, and even if you think you’ve got it figured out—you only get one set of wedding pics. Is it really worth the risk? Also, find out how to look photogenic on your wedding day.

6. They know how to recreate inspo.

Winging your makeup on your wedding day isn’t a great idea. That’s why it’s a sound plan to find inspiration on Pinterest or even from celebrities whose red carpets looks you love, and show it to your makeup artist during your makeup trial. They’ve got the skills and experience to recreate those looks—whether it be a smoldering smoky eye or a youthful dewy glow—that the average gal probably wouldn’t be able to pull together. With a professional, you’re paying for consistency—that is, getting the exact look you ask for and the peace of mind that it can be recreated again on your wedding day! (Because we’ve all tried, and failed, to follow smokey eye tutorials from women’s magazines before!).

7.  A Trial Session With a Professional Makeup Artist 

Before you hire a professional makeup artist in Malaysia, you can book a trial with the makeup artist. The objective of the trial is to try a makeup look but also see how your skin reacts and to create a connection with your makeup artist.

During the trial, the professional makeup artist will recreate the look designed for clients weeks or months before on the client’s face. The bride can see how it looks in real life and see how the skin reacts to the skin prep and makeup products.

The client can also make adjustments if needed and see what the makeup looks like at different moments of the day. Indeed it will not look the same at the sunrise, golden hour, or evening.

The trial is a moment when the bride and the professional makeup artist can communicate and get to know each other more in order for the makeup artist to understand exactly what the client needs from her, from her presence on the wedding day.

8. Professional Makeup Artists Don’t Take Things Personally

Professional makeup artists are open to criticisms and feedbacks unlike your makeup-loving pals. You might have a super-talented friend or bridesmaid who offered to do your makeup, but think again before bringing them up for the task. The main difference between makeup-loving pals and professional wedding makeup artists whom you’re paying is exactly that: you’re paying the latter! So you can be picky to get the look you like, ask them to redo things over and over again, and not worry about hurting their feelings—things you might feel too polite to do with a friend you’re not compensating (which could result in a subpar makeup look on the most photographed day of your life!). Makeup artists use your wedding photos for their websites (to get more clients!) so they want a perfect look for you just as much as you do—you’re on the same team in wanting a top-notch finished product, no matter how much tweaking it takes.

9. Bridal Party Cohesion

When you hire a makeup artist, you can have that artist do makeup for the entire bridal party. Instead of making every bridesmaid responsible for their own makeup, you can create a cohesive look by having all the makeup done by one person. With the hiring of a makeup artist, everyone will look uniformly cohesive and no one will look like a sore thumb or overshadow the bride on the wedding day in the photos. This is extremely important too!

10. High Quality Makeup Products

The products Professional Makeup Artists use their makeup kit are different from the products you use.Professional makeup artists use hypoallergenic, some common and expensive branded makeup products(some brands that you might never heard of) to make take care of the customers’ skin and eliminate the risk of allergies. They do no only want to make the brides look gorgeous but they also want to take care of their skin. They have a wide range of products in their makeup kit to match different skin types and specificities. This is the reason why Professional Makeup Artists invest so much in their makeup kit. The products used will match any situation that can happen on the wedding day such as teary eyes, extremely shiny skin, and staying power during hot and humid days.

Makeup products can be expensive, especially if you want your makeup to last the entire day. When you hire a professional makeup artist such as Pro Makeup Center, you are assured that you get the highest quality products and makeup skills to help your makeup stay put all day.

Additionally, professional makeup artists are constantly staying up-to-date with the latest makeup trends and products, so you are getting the best advice when it comes to your makeup.

11. Hygiene

A true Professional Makeup Artist is a Makeup artist that always has the hygiene rules in mind. This was a real case which happened a few years ago when a bride contracted conjunctivitis during mascara makeup by her cousin. Her cousin did not use a disposable wand when applying the mascara. Professional makeup artists take hygiene very seriously because makeup can easily be a breeding ground for bacteria. We, at Pro Makeup Center, are trained to handle makeup with care and hygiene using spatula and disposable wands so that our customers’ health is assured

12. Enjoy Your Wedding Day

You might feel like paying more to have a makeup artist might not make sense, especially if you’re good at makeup yourself. 

But it’s also important to remember that big day is your wedding day. Just because you can do your own makeup doesn’t mean you have to. Instead, feel pampered on your wedding day by making makeup one less thing you have to worry about. What sounds better than sitting back and letting someone do your makeup for you? You can have your bridal makeup done in the comfort of your home or hotel room. The important point is, you should enjoy the luxury service and comfort. You should enjoy your wedding day because you are worth it!


We highly recommend that you get a professional bridal makeup artist for your wedding because she will definitely save you a lot of time and stress. In addition, if you would like to know more about how to hire the right makeup artist for your wedding, just click here. Trust us, a professional wedding makeup artist is worth every penny and you will be very happy with this choice. For bridal makeup services, contact us at Pro Makeup Center now at +6019-3599420 and we will be happy to assist you.