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Hiring the Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Malaysia

Congratulations, you’re getting married! This auspicious event can involve some of the most intricate planning details. Never have you spent so much time preparing for that one special day. From finding a beautiful gown, to the perfect event rental space, and to your makeup, it takes time to make everything just right.

Once your event has been booked, the next step is to consider hiring a bridal makeup artist in Malaysia.

Why Should I Hire Pro Makeup Services?

While many women know how to use some types of makeup, few truly known how to use everything, from foundation and powder, to eyeshadow, liner, false lashes, lipstick, lipgloss, and right down to blush or contouring powders. On average, most women focus on only a few beauty products to prepare for work. But when it’s a special occasion, the entire face must be made up.

A makeup artist focuses on your face, making your eyes and mouth stand out, and bringing out your natural beauty. The professional makeup artist has been trained in makeup application, and how to make every type of woman look good. If you have any concerns, such as uneven skin tone, or scars or birthmarks, special makeup can be applied to minimize their appearance.


Will I Look Perfect for Photographs?

Taking photographs for the wedding album is just part of the wedding celebration. Besides looking great for the ceremony and the reception, many brides may be concerned that they look their best for images that will be immortalized in time.

Makeup for photographs and videos is done differently than makeup for work or a casual occasion. As you know, you can spend a lot of time applying makeup, and then wonder why it disappears in your digital photographs.

This is because not only are the makeup techniques different for photo or video, but different makeup is used too.


Professional Makeup Artistry Makeup

Your bridal makeup artists at Pro Makeup Center will be using professional makeup artistry makeup. This makeup is made in brighter colours, and hasn’t been diluted like in store-brand makeup. Store-brand makeup is often diluted to have the manufacturer save money, or so the makeup looks good on anyone, because it’s minimal. You may have had some frustrations with this type of makeup as you keep on applying it over and over, but it doesn’t provide the right type of coverage.

Professional makeup only takes a small but effective amount for the face. The makeup artist can also better blend it. It will also last a longer time on the face, and not need to be touched up as often as if you simply bought cheap makeup from the store.


Long-Lasting Makeup

Depending on your culture, a wedding can often last for several hours. You must get through church or temple ceremonies, and then have blessings, and greetings with guests. Then it’s onto the reception or celebratory party with friends and family. You need professionally applied and long-lasting makeup for your face.

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