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Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup. We, at Pro Makeup Center are experts at airbrush makeup services. Who says you have to go through hell so as to pull off a great look? Who says you have to break your back so as to look dashing while wearing makeup? Definitely not us at Pro Makeup Center! At Pro Makeup Center, we understand the kind of problems you go through when it comes to make up. We, at Pro Makeup Center provide Malaysia makeup artists who can do great makeup for you.

Are you the lady that is forced to make restroom stops after every hour so as to make touchups on makeup? Are you the lady that feels like you are carrying the weight of the world on your skin once you wear makeup? Or are you the kind that is not satisfied with the outcome of the photos after a photo shoot? Well, all this can be attributed to the kind of makeup you’ve been using.

At Pro Makeup Center, we understand the heart of the problem, and we are more than eager to share our solution with you; airbrush makeup. What we are saying is, you need not go through the hassle of going now and then to the restroom to touch up on makeup. Airbrush makeup will solve all that.

Airbrush makeup is the silver bullet that you’ve been in need of this whole time. It’s the product that is not just changing the rules, but tearing apart the rule book. It is the product that is changing all the laws thought to govern the makeup world. So let’s say you want to quit going to the restroom now and then for touchups. Question is, do you want makeup that will last up to fourteen hours thus bringing an end to your restroom trips? Thought so too! And do you want makeup that is so light on your skin, that you practically feel as if you have no makeup on? Most definitely! And do you want makeup that is so flawless, that you will fall in love with all the photographs of you? It’s about time you said yes.

Airbrush makeup is the solution to all these problems. It is the product that will afford you all this luxury. What makes it even better is that we are experienced at ensuring you get the best look out of it and worth for your money. In addition to that, we have a list of clients who can attest to our good services. We offer our services to people from all walks of life. Due to the photogenic nature of the makeup, it is therefore the ideal makeup for television studios and film sets. For that reason, the entertainment industry is part of our clientele. If you have a wedding and you want to put your best foot forward, what better way than with a little help from airbrush makeup?

At Pro Makeup Center, we want to take the backache from you, and that’s why we recommend this wonderful product for you to try out, and agree with us. And for all these mind blowing perks, you will get them at an affordable price. Pretty neat, right?


So, you’ve been hearing a lot about the Airbrush makeup, about its uniqueness and lovely finishes but, you don’t know how to go about applying it and using it for those beautiful occasions and events you want to go for; consider yourself lucky for we are going to talk about everything on Airbrush Makeup and our Professional Services. Our highly qualified personal makeup artist can make you look great and confident. Call us now for attractive packages.

Airbrush makeup as it name implies, is a makeup technique that allows you to spray lightweight makeup on your face or the face of who you want to make up for. Airbrush makeup involves the use of an airbrush gun to apply the makeup to the face, leaving you with a beautiful, evenly made up and lustrous face. Airbrush makeup can be applied in different ways and different styles, it can be thin or heavy, depending on how you want it and it is makes better effects and finishes than the traditional way of making up of which is, using sponges, brushes and fingers.

The airbrush sprayer or gun as it is commonly called, is a metal air gun connected to a hose. The hose is in turn connected to a compressor which controls the airflow released when pressure is added to the gun’s trigger. Airbrush makeup is used for a lot of occasions, from bridals, to celebrity events to Film Theater. It is not a new type of makeup method, it is just not common.



Airbrush makeup has got lots of benefits, listed below are some of them:

  • Airbrush makeup is light to the extent it feels like you’re not putting on makeup. So if you’ve got clients (or you are someone) who does not use much make up or no makeup at all then, airbrush is the best option for you.
  • With airbrush makeup, dark circles, pimples and some other facial skin problems are goners. Airbrush makeup is perfect for concealing a lot of facial problems and it is very effective for color correction.
  • Airbrush makeup lasts for a longer period of time than traditional makeup. Temptu, the one and only silicone based airbrush makeup formula, is the most long lasting one compared to other brands; when exposed to moisture such as sweat, tears, rain etc.
  • Once you get the hang of using the airbrush makeup gun, you will notice how fast and accurate and easy applying makeup is.

Airbrush Makeup vs. Traditional Makeup

One thing to note before deciding which one to choose between traditional makeup and airbrush makeup is that, to get the best of either world, depends on who is applying the makeup. The way and skill the makeup is being applied is very important. That said, let us discuss the difference and the better option between the airbrush makeup and traditional makeup.

I’m guessing by now you already have an idea about the airbrush makeup so, let’s get a little concept on the traditional way of making up. A lot of us are already familiar with this type of makeup, some of you have them in your bags, on your dressing table, everywhere. Traditional make up is the makeup method that involves pancakes, cream, pressed or oil powders, which are usually applied with a brush, finger tips or sponge. Traditional makeup has the widest range of all make ups, it is always available with every shade and color. Traditional makeup can be used to target specific facial problems when combined with some other elements. It can also be used as a mere coverage. Combining the right formula, traditional make up can be a great way of making up. Applying traditional makeup depends on your skin type. If you have a dry skin, the thicker foundations of traditional makeup is what you are going to need.

It is advisable to skip traditional makeup if you know you are going for an event that will last for longer hours because unlike airbrush makeup, traditional makeup is not waterproof, it can wash off when exposed to moisture or rubbed on clothing. Traditional makeups with SPF makes your face look white in pictures. Unlike the airbrush makeup, the application of traditional makeup can be noticed with the naked eye.


Airbrush Wedding And Artist Makeup

Do you have an event or perhaps a wedding? No matter what the occasion might be, having a beautiful outfit alone won’t be the only thing you have to consider, your face needs to look exceptionally awesome too! Why u may ask? It’s because people are going to be looking at how beautiful and radiant your face look and there are going to a lot if photos, and you know what they say, photos live forever eh? Now this are some of the things you should consider when booking for an airbrush make up for that special event of yours.

  • Make sure you schedule a meeting with your makeup artist before the day of your event. This is important because, you need to see his or her portfolio to know how good they are, the kind of makeup you want, the colors and stuffs like that.
  • Make sure the makeup you choose goes in style with your outfit. Let them both walk hand in hand, you don’t want to look like an African masquerade on your big day now, do you?
  • Since you will be sweating, hugging and for weddings, crying a lot, airbrush makeup is the best option you’ve got. You don’t want you makeup strolling down your face when exposed to moisture or when rubbed on someone else’s cloth.

Airbrush Hair

This days, airbrushing is not only used for making up the face alone, you can also airbrush your hair and body to give it a more beautiful look. Hair airbrushing is used to make designs on your hair or change the color, if that is what you want. Below is the process to get your hair airbrushed:

  1. Hair spray is used to keep your hair -or your client’s hair- in place so the airbrush can cover more areas
  2. White is sprayed as a basecoat
  3. Depending on the color you want to use as the final coat, a brighter color must be sprayed 1st before spraying the final coat. For instance, if orange is going to be your final coat, you can spray yellow on the white coat.
  4. The final coat is sprayed. If you want coating only, that is, if you want to change your hair color only, you can leave it out to dry like this, your work is done. But if you want a design,
  5. Stencil is placed on the airbrushed area and the desired color is sprayed on the stencil.
  6. Stencil is removed and everything is all set.

Airbrush Body (Tanning And Tattoo Cover)

Yes, you can get a beautiful tan or cover that tattoo you don’t want people to see, with the use of airbrush makeup. For the tan, the effect is temporary. It will only last for 3 to 7 days and it is safe for your skin. Please note, that airbrush tanning doesn’t provide protection from the sun. Airbrush tattoo cover and tanning is completely safe and it dries quickly but before you get your body tanned or your tattoo covered, this are the things you should do:

  • Make sure there’s no hair on your body or the area you want covered. Get shaved or waxed.
  • Exfoliation is important. You want a better result? Then take off the dead skin.
  • Wash off things that won’t make the airbrush makeup hold on your body, things like, deodorants, moisturizers and oils. The only places moisturizers are allowed are the places that could get darker when the airbrush make up is sprayed. Places like, the elbow, knees, ankles etc.

Once the airbrush makeup is sprayed on your body, you will have to keep the solution on for about 5 – 8 hours, so it is advisable to keep it on overnight. Keeping it on means no bathing, no using of soaps and no putting on of moisturizers for the amounted time. Rest assured, we will make you look your best at any event, never disappoints you. Let the fun begin, call us now!


Why You Should Use Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding

Makeup for the bride is a must have for the wedding. That’s why many spend a considerable amount on makeup. For that reason, when looking for makeup services, it is best to secure the best. When it comes to makeup, you can either go traditional or embrace airbrush makeup. In this article, we shall look at why you need to use airbrush makeup.

Airbrush makeup incorporates the use of compressed air to aid in spraying a fine mist of makeup on the skin. The makeup is evenly laid on the skin and the finish looks natural to the eye. This is among the reasons why you should consider it for your wedding. Here are other reasons:

  • Flawless finish

On the day of your wedding, I bet you want to put your best foot forward. Every bride wants to look their best, especially in the photo shoot. You want photographs you’ll be proud of showing to others years down the line. With airbrush makeup, you can be sure that after application, the finish will be flawless and you will a darling to the lenses.

  • Natural looking

The last thing you want is to look like a clown due to too much makeup. You want to look as natural as possible, but still get to hide the blemishes on your skin. Well, only airbrush makeup can afford you this luxury. Once you use it, it won’t be obvious to people that you are wearing makeup, but you will still reap the benefits of makeup.

  • Water resistant

Weddings present many instances that could lead to makeup getting washed away. You might get emotional and the waterworks start running. With all the dancing and walking, sweating is also inevitable. Not to mention all the numerous hugs, kisses and even the humidity. However, you need not worry about this with airbrush makeup since it is water resistant thus ensuring that your makeup never gets washed away.

  • Lasts for long

One of the concerns among brides is whether the makeup they are wearing will last through the wedding day.  With airbrush makeup, you can fret not. This is because airbrush makeup lasts for up to fourteen hours or more. This means you won’t have to worry about makeup throughout the day.

  • No need for touch ups

The wedding day is a very busy day. With all the activities lined up, I doubt you’ll have time to sneak into the bathroom so as to touch up on your makeup. Luckily, with airbrush makeup, you won’t have to stop everything so that you can apply some more makeup. The fact that it lasts for long, means that you are saved from the trouble of touch ups.

  • Is hypoallergenic

The last thing you want is to develop an allergic reaction due to the makeup on the day of your wedding. It wouldn’t go down so well, especially during the photo shoot. Lucky for you, with airbrush makeup, you need not worry about allergic reactions as it does not lead to any.

As you can see, airbrush makeup is the best option for any wedding. Here at Pro Makeup Center, we will ensure that you have the best in airbrush makeup.

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