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Makeup Artist Bridal Packages

There is no doubt that a wedding day is the most important day of a woman’s life; definitely for the man too but when you think about all the preparation that goes into making sure that she looks her best, the spotlight is on her. Preparing for a wedding is no small feat and while you may want to have a hand in everything, you must be willing to let other people help you. One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the makeup and while some people are by nature not used to it, a bit of it helps to spice up the occasion. How then do a bride and her party get accustomed to makeup long before the wedding day?

Most makeup artist bridal packages include the makeup trial session which happens after the initial consultation. Since the makeup team have no idea what kind of makeup you have been using before, it is important that they get accustomed to your skin type and what your dream look is. The makeup rehearsal determines how successful the makeup applied on the actual day of the wedding holds up. The other most important determinant of how makeup holds on the wedding day is the amount of work that goes into preparing the skin.

A good skin care regime makes it easy for a makeup artist to work their magic on your skin. If you would like your skin to be handled by a professional throughout this period, consult with the same team that will be doing your makeup. Most professionals will offer you a discounted rate for choosing and option from the all-inclusive makeup artist bridal packages they have.

The skin care preparation regime should begin as early as possible – 6 months should be the minimum amount of time to allocate it. Have you ever wondered why all brides seem to have flawless skin? It is because they do. This is the time to visit a dermatologist for that stubborn acne keeping in mind that any skin condition will live on long after the wedding through the pictures that you take.

A wedding day is no doubt going to be characterized by a lot of activity; moving around, dancing and the anxiety of speaking in front of all those people. You will be sweating a lot as the bride, and for many people pressed or baby powder is their shortcut for keeping their faces dry. Instead of applying powder then having to deal with it after it has caked on the face, pack a few packets of oil blotting tissue paper and ask your maid of honor to hand you a piece every time she notices that your face is becoming sweaty.

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